Lets create a practice group!

hello Every pianogroover !

My idea is to create a practice group with people intermediate players , who like me, have difficulties to stick to a plan

I m ready to take the basic again to be sure of having this accurate ok and maybe learn a song every month ? But all is open…

After we could choose to share video here so Hayden could get in and help us and maybe point some diffiiculties we have. Why not every week or 2 weeks

If we share the same time zone we could get some skype session every month ?

Hoping i will not be alone :disappointed_relieved: and waiting your ideas about it :sunglasses::sunglasses: .

*sorry for my bad english :sleepy:, but we would sharing mainly music :wink:


Add me to whatsap …I m constatly learning new patterns…trainings etc.We can share knowledge.

Thanks @ivan but it would be even better if we could exchange here on the forum so everyone could learn
And you seems pretty advanced in your piano knowledge , it would be great , please share your video playing ! The community so shy for the moment . This practice group may help people posting more of their playing too.

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Great idea here @Pierrot - I will be recording a practice plan for the Chord Extensions Course in the next day or 2.

This will be similar to the Foundations Practice Lesson - find it here.

Practice Plan PDF Documents

Below you can find the practice plan that we compiled for the Foundation Course, and also a blank planner document:

Foundations_Practice_Plan.pdf (1.9 MB)

And here is a blank planning document:

Blank Practice Schedule.pdf (2.3 MB)

My practice planning lessons:

The plan & accompanying lesson that I made above was very graphic intensive, and so it took a while to prepare and edit the lesson. I’m happy to do this as I know the benefit this will give students in terms of focus and direction through the PianoGroove syllabus.

What would be cool:

Any practice plans that are created by the community, we record either part, or all of our practice plan, and this is uploaded this as an accompanying video along with a PDF.

The most exciting thing about this is that we all have very different backgrounds and musical educations, inspirations etc. and I think that there is so much value to be gained from working collaboratively like this.

A New Forum Category “Pratice Plans”?

Perhaps we should create a new forum category for this, where the practice plans for all courses can be stored, and also the show the practice plans submitted from the community.

That way we would have it all in one place so new students can head straight to this area to get inspired on what and how to practice.

Plans would be available for complete beginners, and also plans available for very specific area of jazz, such as: comping, reharmonising, improvisation, etc…

An exciting concept here! I like it :star_struck:


I really hope that many members of the forum will go in this direction to bring life to this beautiful site

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Yep leave it with me to get started on this.

I will create a few plans which are course/syllabus related, and then let’s take it from there.

Really nice idea with this initiative Pierre :sunglasses:

As an update @Pierrot … I spent most of today working on the practice plan for the chord extensions course, it will be ready to record shortly.

I put a tonne of work into the planning of my lessons, and I’m really happy with how this one is looking.

It will be recorded, edited, and published this week.


Another update… the Chord Extended Course Practice Plan has been recorded and now in the editing stage.

The raw footage came in at 54 minutes long :scream:

There’s a lot of demonstration around all 12 keys, so the time ran away with me a little.

I will chop it down a little to make it a more reasonable length.

Cool …:sunglasses:. :clap::beers:.
Waiting it…:money_mouth_face::yum:
But Still nobody for a practicing group… Sniff :disappointed_relieved::cry::sob::sob::sob::crying_cat_face:

Yep I’m editing it right now.

I’ll help drive this initiative forward as much as possible, starting with a new forum category specifically for practice routines.

The cogs are turning and I have a bunch of great ideas for this.

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Yes, Pierre, I’m all for your practice group !
John Oakenfull UK

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Brilliant, I’m going to get this Extensions Course Practice Plan finished, and then let’s start a new forum category where we can discuss how this practice group will work.

I feel that it needs to be simple and straight-forward for us all to participate. That’s the key in my opinion.

I look forward to discussing more ideas on this soon.

Cool !! welcome @john1156589 ! :slight_smile:
Tell me if you got ideas, how you see it

Hi Pierre, As I’m retired I have plenty of time to practice. Usually, I practice 5-6 times a week, for a minimum of 1 -1.5 hours. My problem is that I’m never quite sure what to practice !?
I want to increase my list of tunes and my improvisation. I only really got into jazz piano theory some 2-3 years ago, although many years ago I played piano and trombone in amateur/semi-pro groups. Piano is my only instrument now and my true jazz love ! I do play with a small trio / quartet now from time to time, but I still feel that my playing lacks a great deal of “positiveness”. Sometimes, after practice I get rather depressed at my own feeling of little progress !

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Hi @john1156589 Thanks sharing some of your journey. Myself I play Doublebass full amateur on a trio and now in duo with a nice pianist playing only his own lovely composition . But despite a busy job and a large family I keep playing quite a lot until 1-2 hours. Bass and piano. But mostly playing and not working enough to improve. So this last month I try to find a practice routine …But still only though nothing written…all in gestation :slight_smile:

So a practice routine on piano may be a nice way to begin…and doing it with someone may help me keeping it . Let’s do it !

I Will be home. tomorrow. We wait for Hayden or we can already begin. I have some gaps on basics ,
What about
Rootless 251 major all keys in 12 keys in half step.in 4th . In whole tone. A post of our playing it before next saturday. Ok ?

Maybe one day ,It will be cool to meet our three instruments piano trombone bass together on a tune! It may be another cool challenge :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Best wishes!

Great idea @Pierrot :+1:t3:

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Hi @Pierrot!

That is a great idea. My problem is: I am not intermediate, but unfortunately still a bloody beginner and I feel a little intimidated going back to the piano and reading some of the other students ambitious practice plans. I practiced quite regularly for 3 months but now didn’t practice for another 3 months. My new years resolution is to get back to playing! But for me it’s more about commiting to actually practice (even the basics) in order to see some humble results.

Therefore, I am looking for 2 -3 beginners, with whom to do a PoL-Group (Practice out loud – similar to a work out loud circle).

My goal would be to set weekly goals for the group (e.g. via email/whats’app or here in this forum) and then meet regularly online (maybe once or twice per month) for an hour or so and motivate each other to practice. Maybe even play for each other over skype.

I hope someone would be willing to join.

I think I wouldn’t be the right person to join your group @Pierrot and @john1156589, since I am still at the beginning of my jazz journey.

Looking forward to everyone’s comments!


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Hey Moritz
I am sure it will be a great idea … maybe begin, like i do, your own practice plan so another beginners pianist could join you… and sure you would have more sucess than myself :wink: (more beginners students seems active on forum)

P.O.L. thats a great idea
and i alredy encourage Hayden to organize some groups with some monthly live lesson … he was prettty interested . I dont know if the idea have evolved ?

but like you say some students little groups will be great too.

unfortunatily @john1156589 never join my group, and dont answer email neither , never hear from him since his post here…

Come on Moritz . create your practice plan !

best regards

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My issue is that I don’t really “practice”. I just work hard to learn a tune 2 measures at a time…(takes a long time too) … then I struggle again on another tune. I like the idea of meeting other students and hearing how they are doing, but I get overwhelmed with a formal practice pattern notion. When nice weather comes, I leave the piano for a bit to be out hiking. So I also have gaps.
I think a beginner support group would feel less intimidating to me and possibly others.