How To Play Like Beegie Adair

Awesome - definitely check out the archives and each seminar has chapters to quickly review the contents.

In each session we cover at least half of the tune focusing on Beegie’s voicing choices, reharmonisations, and fills/melodic decoration.

It’s not an arrangement that’s taught, but rather the techniques and playing style that make her playing what it is.

Take a look at the session on “When I Fall In Love” or the one on “My Foolish Heart” and that will give you a good idea of how the seminars are structured.

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Thanks! I thought an interesting idea for a seminar could be on how Beegie arranges Bossa Nova (The Girl From Ipanema) or more up-tempo Bluesy-esque Tunes (Blue Prelude or Have You Met Miss Jones).

It would also be cool to see a Live seminar dedicated specifically to her Intros and Outros which is such an influential part in her playing. Just throwing those ideas out there in case you need ideas for future seminars :sweat_smile: Thanks again!