Gospel Piano Course Now Available

I am so excited about the new gospel course. This is why I joined Piano Groove in the first place, wanting to move from strictly classical into gospel. I have MUCH work to do. Thank you, Hayden, for your excellent work, and that of all the teachers.


Thank you so much , Gospel piano is a huge part of my personal style


have started watching the lessons - Thank You So Much!!! - am just WOWED the whole time :star_struck:

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Thanks for the feedback @greg2 and @Roberta_Shimensky.

We can certainly add more gospel courses in the future. Perhaps next it would be nice to focus on more contemporary gospel styles.


When I first starting learning to play , it was from learning a lot of Micheal McDonalds style which is based in gospel . You hear Richard Tee in his playing , who was very talented and played with Paul Simon and had his own band called Stuff . That and I grew up in a church where the pianist were very good. I play in church , and I’m always trying to sneak some of it into the more newer music.