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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are PianoGroove Classrooms?

PianoGroove Classrooms are group learning programs to help you navigate through the lessons, courses, and seminars on the PianoGroove website. Each classroom program follows a specific theme and includes weekly Zoom meetings, homework assignments, and a dedicated forum area for group discussion, feedback, and mentoring.

The classroom programs are hosted by award-winning jazz pianist and educator Tuomo Uusitalo. Tuomo leads the Zoom sessions, sets the assignments, and gives personal guidance and mentoring to all students attending the sessions.

Why should I join a classroom?

The classroom programs have 3 core benefits for PianoGroove students:

  • Structure & Direction - PianoGroove classrooms provide a structured learning path to follow as you progress from the foundations through to more advanced jazz theory.

  • Group Discussion - In addition to direct teacher interaction, our classroom programs facilitate group discussion to share and learn with other like-minded jazz piano students.

  • Group Accountability - Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the classrooms; group assignments encourage students to practice, perform, and build confidence as jazz pianists.

How do I join a Classroom?

From the “Classroom” section in the forum, you will see 4 classroom boxes which show the current programs that are running. Click the “Join Classroom” button and then refresh the page to access the dedicated forum area for the program.

We recommend that students join each program from the beginning and attend all classes and workshops to fully benefit from the program. You can still join a classroom once it has started, just be sure to complete the previous exercises to catch up with the rest of the class.

All PianoGroove students receive an email notification 1 week before a classroom program will begin and you can also check the forum area for the latest updates and schedules.

How long do the classroom programs last?

Our classroom programs last from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the topic and the progress of the students. Each program follows a pre-determined sequence of lessons however the exact sequence and topics can be tweaked to better serve the level and interests of the students attending.

After joining a classroom program you will see a “General Discussion” thread which contains more information on the program contents, skill requirements, and duration.

What skill level is needed to participate?

If you are new to jazz piano, we recommend that you start with the “Foundations Bootcamp” to ensure that you have strong foundations in place. Once you have completed this program you can attend the other classroom programs on more advanced topics.

Do I need Zoom to access the Classroom sessions?

Yes. Zoom software is needed to attend the weekly group meetings. You can find a free download of the Zoom software here and select “Zoom Client For Meetings”.

A Zoom meeting link is provided in advance of each group meeting, simply click the link to join the session with the other students.

What if I can’t attend a session?

No problem! Attending the group sessions is not compulsory but highly recommended to get the most out of the program. When a classroom starts the teacher will place the students into 2 groups to accommodate for students on all time zones.

The dates and times of the group video sessions are published a week in advance giving you time to schedule and prepare for each workshop.

Do I have to complete the homework assignments?

It is highly recommended to complete the homework assignments in order to get the most out of the program and to receive feedback and guidance from the teacher and other students.

Homework assignments typically involve recording and uploading an audio file. See this video on how to upload audio files to a forum thread.

Do I need to be at the piano during the sessions?

It’s great if you can be at your piano during the session, but no problem if not. The classrooms programs are designed to fit everyone’s level of commitment.

We recommend that you attend all of the classes and complete each homework assignment, but if you prefer you can just browse the lesson topics and homework assignments to see what is involved.

Will there be more topics and themes in the future?

Yes new classroom themes will be added to ensure there are new programs on offer which cover all aspect of learning jazz piano.

Still have a question?

If you still have a question, simply reply to this thread :sunglasses:


Hi, Hayden. I just signed up for the Improvisation classroom, but would like to start at the beginning of the next session. By signing up, will you email me when things are about to get under way?

Hey @daniel4 :wave:

Yes I will send everyone an email a week or so before it is due to restart. I believe it will start again in 3 or 4 weeks time. @tuomo will confirm.

The improv program will follow the same structure when it repeats, but applied to a different tune. We will also create a poll so that everyone can vote on what tunes they would like to work on next.

Hi @daniel4 , @Hayden ,

Yes, I would say the next Improvisation Class start in ca. 4 weeks; we have 2 lessons and a final exam/quiz left to do.

You can of course jump in in the middle, but I recommend to do the classes from the beginning, so you’ll get the most out of it :slight_smile:


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Something to consider: I would be interested if you recorded all Zoom classes and allow students to watch in a separate area of the website in case they cannot participate. The fact that you may have different instructors teaching the same courses would allow all students to enjoy a different perspective on the same topic. Additionally, participating students may ask questions that all of us would like to know the answers to (an extra bonus from what your message boards provide).


Great suggestion @leo

I have created an “Archive” category which can be accessed by community members, you will see this in the left hand menu at the bottom:

Once a classroom is finished the threads will be moved here.

Later down the line we can add another layer of drop down menu, so it would look like this:


  • Chord Voicings

    • Voicings Class Apr 21
    • Voicings Class Sep 21
    • Voicings Class Dec 21
    • etc…
  • Jazz Foundations

    • Foundations Class Apr 21
    • Foundations Class Sep 21
    • etc…

That will keep things nice and tidy moving forwards.

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I’ve been waiting for the next opening on the improv classroom. But I don’t check the community every day. I watched Hayden’s video on classroom registration, that was clear.

But there is no clear indication of the actual schedule for these classrooms (short I guess of sending individual queries manually into piano groove). I see a questions from mid september about the next start time, but the answer is somewhat vague, but I ‘think’ its close to starting again (today is Oct 12).

Anyway why not have the schedule up right on top of the sight for all to see ahead of time, that would scale much better to.


@Michael_J_Albanese ,

I apologize for vague lesson times, we just finished the Improv Class, and are going to be starting the next round starting from lesson 1 next week!

Due to my hectic travel schedule, unfortunately I’m not able to schedule all the lessons in advance, the actual lesson times are announced ca. week before the class takes place. We will always have 2-3 weeks between the lessons for homework assignments and individual practice. I hope this still works for you.

I see you have signed up already, so stay tuned for the announcement, posting the first lesson’s time shortly!

Thank you for writing,

all the best,


Hi @Michael_J_Albanese , just wanted to write and let you know, the new Improv class starts next week, Thursday October 21, please read the ‘About’ section on the ‘Improvisation Classroom’ page, and check ‘Lesson 1’ page for the exact times of the lessons.

Looking forward to see you,

all the best,



This is very good. I definitely would like to use this facility but I would not like to get out of my depth and would like to start at square one and ease into the classrooms. Once I gain a bit of confidence with my fellow students, I would become more adventurist in my choice of forums.

David Reid

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Hi, I am not so sure I in fact have got really so many clear e-mail messages about classroom programs starting. Maybe it’s just me who haven’t been checking, but the common e-mail you guys sent today with very clear pictures on what live seminars AND classroom programs are upcoming this month is really perfect, please continue this way!