Blues Theory lessons

I have been new to the course and i am really excited to explore it
one thing i wanted to ask was that the course has only 1 module for blues piano
i am not sure if thats enough to learn blues piano or there are more topics to blues jazz which are coming in future…please guide ?

Hi Samyak,

A very warm welcome to you!

I will be emailing you shortly to welcome you and offer my course suggestions.

To answer your question, yes we are adding more to the blues and bossa sections. You can read more here: New Teachers - Votes & Feedback Needed 👍

To give you a quick overview:

My strength and passion as a musician is playing solo jazz piano and exploring jazz harmony. That’s what I enjoy and also what I feel I can teach most effectively.

Whilst I have created 1 beginner course on blues and also one on bossa, I feel that these styles should be taught by tutors with passion, background, and experience in those genres.

I have met a very talented musician who I’m working with to develop the blues section. We are due to start recording tomorrow.

My longer-term vision is to have many musicians, spanning multiple genres, all recorded and edited following PianoGroove’s unique 3 part layout.

Developing the blues section is my main priority right now, and then you will also see discussion in the forum around a course on Accompanying Singers. This is also an exciting prospect which you can read more about here: Course on Accompanying Singers

I hope this helps and look out for my email. :slight_smile:

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