Beginner Jazz Courses: Roadmap & Syllabus

Great reference Scott and solid advice for learning the 251 thoroughly.

Here’s a link to the Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery” if anyone is interested:

Hi Hayden, has this changed since the Jazz Standards in the beginner course are now different? Thanks a lot, kind regards, Anja

Hi @anja :wave:

Yes that’s exactly right, since creating this post we have added a beginner jazz standard course and also introduced the Syllabuses section of the website, check that out here:

The jazz standard lessons highlighted above in this thread are all categorised as “Beginner” but the most accessible arrangements on the website are the “Beginner Jazz Arrangements” that you can find in this course:

Also check out the “Learning Path” in our Beginner Jazz Syllabus:

All of the information in this post is still relevant so definitely read though the tips and guidance.

The 5 “Essential” Jazz Courses For All Students

The following 5 courses cover most beginner/intermediate jazz topics and so once you have worked through these theory lessons and jazz standards you will be much more comfortable with jazz harmony:

I recommend students to study multiple courses at once and you can alternate the practice planners for these courses on different days to suit your progress and level. Here are our practice planners:

I hope this helps Anja and let me know if you have any other questions.


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Hi Scott. Just downloaded the book. Have you applied any of the ideas from the book? What was the biggest lesson for u for your playing?

Regards. Paul

Hi Haydn,

I had a youtube link from the days before I wised up and became a member here for a beginner arrangement of Autumn Leaves. It’s still there on YT, but I can’t find it here. Am I right that it isn’t here? Maybe search just doesn’t turn it up? I tried poking around by trial and error and still can’t find it.

Hi Dan :wave:

Yes check out the following lessons on Autumn Leaves:


Medium-Up Tempo

Walking Bass & Melody

Let me know if I can help further :sunglasses:

I found all of those, but they are more advanced. I’m referring to this video: Autumn Leaves Jazz Piano Tutorial Lesson - YouTube

It’s not a problem for me, I can always watch it on youtube, but it seemed like it would be good content to have here as well, in the section of beginner arrangements.

Hi Dan,

I can confirm that it is the same tutorial.

On the website that lesson has been broken up into 2 separate videos; the “ballad” and “up-tempo” versions as posted above. This turns the 30+ minute video on YouTube into 2 videos (18 minutes and 12 minutes respectively) and this allowed me to add more digestible chapter markings to easily navigate the content.

To confirm, there are no tutorial videos on PG YouTube that are not on the website itself. Also many of the earlier lessons on PianoGroove YouTube have been re-edited and in some cases re-recorded on the PianoGroove website.

Anyhow back to Autumn Leaves…

If you are looking for the beginner section of the tutorial (R-3-7 voicings) which starts here on YouTube at 59s:

You will see that corresponds with the 2nd chapter on this lesson:

Click the below chapter and you will see that the narration and demonstrations are identical:


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