#4 - Altered Harmony Practice Planner

Hi everyone :wave:

Slots 5 and 6 of the altered harmony practice series are now finished.

Here are the links to the lesson pages:

Slot 5: UST Drills: b9#11 & #5#9

Slot 6: UST Drills Over Minor 251s

The updated PDF practice planner can be downloaded here:

Altered Harmony Practice Series.pdf (3.2 MB)

Enjoy working through these drills and any questions with the material just let me know.

Hi Hayden.

Can u check the link for slot 5 as it goes to slot 4



Thanks for spotting that Paul.

The ordering of the lessons on the course page had changed.

I’ve now fixed to make sure they are in the correct order, and also updated the links above.


Helllo Hayden

on slot 2
could you explain why you use the fingering 1 3 right hand for the V instead of keeping 2 3 Because finger 2 hitting ( 5th of IIm) is already in place for playing 2nd of the V chord
wow … hope i’m clear enough :sweat:

i cant figure out why , pretty sure you have something in head to move the position
Thanks for you insight.

Hi Pierre :wave:

Yes your question is perfectly clear.

I find that by playing the 9th over the V7 chord with my thumb, it gives the rest of my hand more mobility to move voices around above that note. I demonstrate this in the chapter “Resolve Tension” where I resolve the #11 up to the 5th:

In the same way, the #11 could fall down to the major 3rd.

If I play the 9th with my index/second finger, it may be more difficult to outline these moving voices - particularly in some of the ‘black keys’. Try it out and see what you think.

Another reason is that having my thumb on the 9th would be my preferred hand position to play a dominant 13#11 UST voicing (major triad built from the 9th). Having my thumb in that position makes it easy to play the 13#11 UST in any key, and also to invert and arpeggiate that triad.

I’d recommend to work with the fingering that feels most comfortable for you. I don’t have a piano with me right now, but I will have tomorrow and I will test the 2nd finger and let you know any further thoughts on the subject. :+1: