Which chapter interface do you prefer?

Hi everyone,

The developers of our video player have asked me about potential improvements to the lesson chapter system, and how the chapters are displayed on the individual lesson pages.

I thought it would be best to ask our students which layout you all prefer. More information below on the 2 options, and you can vote here on your preferred layout:

Which chapter interface do you prefer?
  • Chapters underneath the video
  • Chapters in the video play bar

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Option 1: Chapters underneath the video player:

Currently we have an interface like this underneath the video on each lesson page:

With the above layout, each lesson page has 6 chapters, and these are always visible underneath the player.

Option 2: Chapters in the video play bar

Here is the same tutorial, but with this style of chapter interface, the chapter labels are directly inside the video play bar.

You will see small circles on the video play bar and when hovering over these it shows the lesson chapter titles, see screenshot above and watch the video below to try this whilst watching the actual lesson:

Here is that same lesson on PianoGroove to compare the 2 interfaces:


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I voted for the chapters underneath the video. Why? If I want to revisit a tutorial and focus only on a particular section, it’s much easier to find. (I also prefer the dark background.) Just my two cents.

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I usually agree with Scott, but I have a different take. The chapters in the video bar are much cleaner to view in my opinion (dark is hard on the eyes), but the big factor for me is that you can click on any spot in the video and go to it. So, if I know that I want to look at a certain section and I know approximately where it is, I can just click on it and go directly to that spot in the video. With the chapters underneath the video player, you can only select the chapter. I think the chapters in the video bar provide a lot more flexibility.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback on this.

I see the merits in both and I will ask the developers if we can have both of them.

Likewise @scott1 - I like the aesthetics of the current chapter interface and I like how the chapter markers are always visible to clearly define the different sections of the lesson.

I also agree with @celia that seeing the markers in the actual video player timeline gives
more flexibility and allows one to more easily see the length of a specific chapter in relation to the length of the whole video.

I think one of the reasons the developers want to add the chapters in the video player timeline is to better support chaptering on mobile devices, perhaps when the screen size.

I should have added a third option to the poll “use both interfaces together” :grin: I’m sure that’s technically possible and I will confirm with the tech guys.

Thanks for votes and comments - super useful.


I’m good with whatever you decide. Either way works. :sunglasses:

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Likewise Hayden - be good to have both options available as you mentioned…BTW I’m getting so sick of being in lockdown (again!!!). MY now recording 9000 new cases each day with 90+ deaths and country once again in lockdown!!!

Absolutely agree with Scott. Either way works!

I am fine with either or both. I do like the clear descriptions we currently see below the video.

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Hello Hayden,
I prefer options 2 b because it leaves more space to the video window.

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Thanks for the insights @TomLC and @fabrizio - i will share these comments with the video player developers.

That’s a good point Fabrizio, particularly on small screen devices.

We can press the “full screen” option and then the chapters appear when clicking the button in the bottom right hand corner which is a useful feature when using tablets or mobile devices, see around 5m29s in this site tour video: