Where finding you fellow pianogroove musicians playing

Hey everyone
Very surprise i cant find any of the student posting video or audio of their playing . Could be very helpup and stimulating for all .
Even strugling on some difficult exercices Seing other improving is always stimulating too.

Another great feature could be to create some groups of musicians here ; fixing same goal together and why not having some skype session together.

But maybe i miss something in the forum ? I 'm just a newbie here

I find the most difficult in music improvement is to stick to some goals . And nowadays with internet finding people with same interest is so much easier. We have less time with our jobs , family dutys, … but internet can help us playing after work time much easier. And in a such lovely community and a nice forum it should be easy to help and share more, and around some lesson of Hayden too.

I am completely new here but i am a bit frustrate of this lack.

I am coming from another internet site where i m learning Electric bass guitar https://scottsbasslessons.com/dashboard ( probably much bigger and older). They try to make people share their improvement and this site is full of great ideas and is very active (seminars with great bass players , each month a student video answers…)
I hope this site will go this way too. I can see on Pianogroove some great lessons .

Just my 2 cents as a newbie loving music …



Hey Pierre :wave:

Great suggestions!

We do have a thread over here where some of us have shared some of our recordings:

One of our students @lucianoaita425004 - emailed me with his performance of “My Foolish Heart” and I encouraged him to share his beautiful recording of the arrangement.

Onto your other suggestions…

I agree with everything you say… all brilliant ideas and I have taken note of them.

I am familiar with the SBL website… it looks like a fantastic resource. I will check it out in more detail and I’m sure we can develop similar features/collabortation between our own students and community.

To give you some background, I like to set a ‘theme’, or ‘general direction’ :grin: for each year since launching PianoGroove in 2015.

This Year’s Focus Has Been On Our People

The focus of 2018 has been on our teacher staff and the different styles we can offer.

In January, it was just my own lessons on the website, and now we have 4 brilliant teachers: https://www.pianogroove.com/meet-the-team/ and our 5th teacher - Steve -who’s course on “Boogie-Woogie” will be published shortly: https://www.pianogroove.com/steven-flynn/

I’m really happy to be working with these musicians, and the insights, experience, and styles that they have added to PianoGroove. It’s wonderful.

Next Steps… Developing The Forum/Community

The focus for 2019 will be on Community. That includes both the PianoGroove community, and also the wider community. I have lots of ideas which I will share before the end of the year.

Your message above perfectly captures my own vision, and aspirations for the PianoGroove forum… it’s really great to hear that we both see this ‘bigger picture’.

I agree that setting goals, exercises etc… would help students collaborate… and so I must take charge of setting goals and exercises.

Thank you Pierre… you have given me lots of new ideas to think about and I will implement all of your suggestions :ok_hand:

I have been too shy to submit a recording, but you are absolutely right!! I will work on this issue.

When I heard you play Lori, it sounded awesome… I was super impressed.

I think we are all our own worst critics! :grin:

Unfortunally i dont miss much … only 2 recordings of student those last 3 years … sniff :thinking:

The site is still young , 3 years not much .

Another nice idea , as on SBL , could be to post our roadmap for the week month the years . I will try to share mine in next month. Still thinking how to improve in my 2 instruments (bass and piano) at the same moment. But writing our goals and all we do is sure valuable , and i encourage everyone to do it .
I see the roadmap for beginner , intermediate and advance player. Thats great
but we have to choose our own goals too.

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Yes the community area is relatively new, it will be the 2nd Birthday of the forum in February 2019 - so the forum is young.


I am completely onboard with all of your ideas Pierre.

I have lots of emails where I am doing exactly this with students. Asking them their musical background and ambitions, and then I can recommend the best courses to start with.

I agree that this could just be the beginning.

We all come from different musical backgrounds. Take yourself for example as a dual instrumentalist… bass player/pianist. I’m sure you have some AWESOME insights on walking bass lines! :wink: Feel free to share some over here in the theory section: https://community.pianogroove.com/c/theory - I have gradually been moving Q&As from my inbox, into the forum, which has been fun to do.

Continuing with the vision…

We also have many classical musicians, guitarists, vocalists, mathematicians, scientists, nurses, academics, learning development specialists - literally people from all walks of life/music - and I think that there is so much to be shared and gained through collaboration. Each of us is unique in our backgrounds and inspirations, but yet we all follow a common goal of learning jazz and other improvised musical styles.

Such an exciting concept and I am thrilled that we both share this vision.