Video Speed in Website Tour

Small suggestion, add speed choice (2x speed) also for the initial Website Tour and Orientation videos. I didn’t want to skip them but they are very basic and there was no way to play at 2x the speed. This is something I usually do in YT videos, for example.

Great suggestion @fredguth - I will pass this onto the video player developers.

There was another suggestion to add a “2-second skip back” button, in addition to the 10-second skip back button, and so I will ask the developer to implement both of these suggestions.

Also you can manually check (and uncheck) the tick boxes on the course pages which will then update the progress bars on your student dashboard, see this video for a demonstration:

So that is a quick way to skip a lesson if you don’t want to watch it or if you have already watched it and the progress was not saved.

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