Video Position Saving Feature

We have added a new feature which saves your position on the video.

Students have mentioned to me that when they pause the video for a short time, and then resume it, the video will ‘timeout’ and reset the progress bar back to the start.

So for example, after stopping the video to practice something, or maybe leaving the piano for a cup of coffee, when the video ‘resets’, it’s then hard to find the exact spot where you left off.

Well, this “Position Save Feature” allows students to continue watching the video from the exact point they left it at.

It doesn’t require any input on your side, you can just leave the page and when you return and play the video again, it will automatically continue from the point at which you closed the video.

Any comments or feedback just let me know :smiley:


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As a follow up here:

This feature has now been implemented and so you should no longer experience the video cutting out after pausing and resuming.

Even if you have been away from a day or 2, the video should always resume exactly where you left off the last time.