Video Playback Issues

Hi Hayden – Over the past several days, I have tried to access the video for “There Will Never Be Another (You)”. After approximately 2 minutes into the lesson, the video “freezes” and you can no longer proceed.
The buttons at the bottom of the screen to move to different chapters are also unresponsive, but you can exit the lesson normally. Could one of your technicians check out the functioning of the video? I have not encountered this problem with any of the other lessons that I have reviewed since joining the community.
Thanks – Jerry

I just watched it on my iPad and it played thru and buttons work.
I’m using iPad and MacBook Air.
Sometimes I have to shut down iPad and re open when things aren’t running smoothly. But today it worked.

Hope they solve your mystery. I love that song

HI Jerry,

Thank for letting me know about this.

What device are you using?.. tablet? iPhone? computer laptop?

Also please try the following steps:

  1. Try a different web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc…) and let me know if the issue persists.

  2. If the issue does not persist, then try to delete your search history on the original browser, also delete your cache. This basically deletes all of the info stored about PianoGroove… computers store data to make pages load fatser, to remember website addresses, to remember your login details etc… this can be handy, but it can also occasionally cause these kind of issues.

  3. Log out of PianoGroove, restart your computer, and try again. - As Lori mentions, shutting down the device can often help ‘reset’ everything. A bit of a pain sometimes… but that’s technolgy for ya!.. brilliant until it stops working! haha :grin:

Those 3 steps should fix most problems… if it does continue, let me know and I will certainly investigate further for you Jerry.

Thanks Hayden!
I currently use a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 Home edition, Internet Explorer and a desktop “shortcut” icon to access your website . The problem only seems to happen on that particular song/lesson. Since I am retired and have almost unlimited time at my disposal to study jazz piano, I have literally watched over 100 of your lessons/videos during the past 4-5 weeks to get an overall view of things with NO problems whatsoever. I routinely eliminate my browser history and cache for security reasons, so I guess that I will try to enter your site via Chrome instead of the shortcut icon…
Anyways, there’s plenty that I can do without that lesson. During the last month, I have meticulously written out about 10 standards by hand in order to analyze the extensions, alterations, voicings, etc., etc, memorized the “jazz blues” template at 120 bpm, created my own personal playlist of over 90 standards on iReal Pro and have started to slowly memorize, “Tune Up”, “Straight, No Chaser”, “Tenderly”,
“As Time Goes By” and “These Foolish Things”. Tonight, I’m going to give my hands a rest and review some of your theory videos. Your website is a jazz piano student’s dream come true!!

               Thanks for your help -- Jerry
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I just entered your site using Chrome, had to log-in using my e-mail address and password for a
change, and everything went fine with “There Will Never Be Another You”. The “chapter” buttons at the bottom also worked well, as usual, so I’ll just consider this as “case closed”.
My uneducated guess is that the desktop icon somehow bypasses the password and, after 2 minutes – sometimes less – the software realizes this and denies any further “unauthorized” access. Just a guess – Jerry.

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Wow, you have been busy Jerry. It’s really great to hear you are enjoying studying and getting value from the lessons.

Glad to hear you have the tutorial working again. There’s so many devices/tablets/browsers/computers/operating systems, that sometimes these issues are hard to diagnose.

The steps I outlined in the post are usually an effective remedy.

I appreciate you taking the time to report this Jerry… 90% of time this is exactly how I am made aware of issues so I greatly value and encourage students to let me know if they are experiencing technical issues.

Hi Hayden, I just signed onto your site, but am having problems getting the videos to play and on my iPad. I can see and hear the introductory video but Lesson 1 just shows three dots moving around 4 positions. ( I can get the PDF downloads. )

Any suggestions for the videos?



Hi Kathy,

Thanks for reporting this and apologies for the inconvenience.

Please can you try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari etc…)

and let me know if the issue persists?

I will email you now to get some additional information to report to our technical provider.

Speak shortly.

Notification For Students Using Microsoft Edge With iPad

Hi everyone,

Over the past few weeks I’ve been notified that the video player behaves strangely when using Microsoft Edge browser in combination with Apple iPads.

I spoke to our technical team, and they said that using a Microsoft browser on an Apple device can commonly cause issues.

Our video player has specific settings to play on either Microsoft, or on Apple, and so combining these can confuse the video player.

Our video player has a lot of custom features (A/B Loop, Speed Controls, Chaptering) to give students the best learning experience.

To ensure that these custom controls work, its recommended that you do not combine Microsoft Browser with Apple Operating System.

If experiencing issues with the video player, please always try a different browser which will often fix the problem. If issues persist then be sure to let us know.

I am having playback problems, including lost video, frozen screen, inability to go back to an earlier section of a lesson, and other glitches. I am using Safari on a MacBook Pro, and I am not having such problems on other sites, such as YouTube, etc. Can you help me out? Thanks in advance, Scott

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Hi, again. I cleared the cache, deleted the browser history, and shut down the browser, then restarted the machine. Going back to the site, it logged me in automatically (so must have seen my cookies?), and I was successfully able to watch a full (short) lesson with zero problems. A very good lesson. :wink:

I should add that when I came to the community portion of the site after that, I had to log in again (which never happened before), so basically it seems there are some odd, but not too serious site problems it seems.

Just thought it best to let you all know, in case others are having such problems.

Looking forward to smooth sailing from here…


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Thank you Scott.

This is a brilliant walk through.

I will add this thread to the welcome email for new students, so that if they do run into issues, they can get the solution here.

One of the issues we have, is that our video player has many custom features:

  • slow down controls
  • a/b loop
  • lesson chaptering

Hardware providers such as Apple & Microsoft run frequent updates on their hardware which can sometimes cause issues with these features, which then affects the playback.

Often, following the steps you outline (log out >> clear cache >> restart machine >> log back into PIanoGroove) will fix these issues.

I would estimate that 95% of the time, the issues can be fixed by following the steps you above, and/or trying a new browser.

As you say YouTube doesn’t have this issue (although we’re not quite that big yet :grin:) but neither do any other of the big publishers. So it’s certainly possible.

A lot of work goes into the design and creation of every PianoGroove lessons page, (and the tutorials ! ) and so I feel the frustration of students when it doesn’t work correctly.

I will fix this and let you all know how I’m getting on with it :sunglasses:

Hayden…I do not see the speed option on Stardust. Can you set it up?


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Hey Celia :wave:

Yes that has been fixed - speed buttons and control bar are now visible.

Thanks for letting me know!

Thank you so much Hayden!

Hi Hayden

I noticed recently when using the iPad that in landscape mode the video presentation remains the same as in portrait, whereas previously in landscape it took up a larger proportion of the screen. I see there have been a few changes recently on the site and wonder it this was somehow effected?



Thanks for letting me know Paul - I have forwarded to the tech guys to investigate.

Yes there have been some recent updates on the site which may be the cause. I’m looking into it now and will get it resolved asap. Cheers!

Hi Paul,

Please can you check again and let me know if the issue is fixed?

It should have returned to normal now.


Hi Hayden

Working again…thanks!

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When I want to back up a lesson section even using the (@10), my program begins to spin and locks up. Once in a while I can back it up but if I try it more than once it generally will get stuck in a reload window. Even the refresh button does not resolve the problem.

Is there something I need to do to back up the lesson so that it does not go into this freeze factor?

I use a Mac and have sufficient internet speed (most of the time).

Thank you for any recommendations.