Video Bookmarking Feature

Sounds good Hayden.

I couldn’t see an alternative feature request thread, so wonder if I could just mention this here: it would be really handy, while browsing through the content, to be able to flag lessons for future use - by which I mean for example: ‘I’m doing this course/lesson just now, but I’d like to do this next, or this lesson looks like it contains things that would help me out’ .

I couldn’t see that this is possible right now (unless I have completely missed it!), what do you think? :smiley:


I think that’s a brilliant idea James, and thanks for suggesting it here in the forum, it’s the best place to document this kind of stuff so that we have a record of it and anyone can add input if they like.

Here’s how I think it could work…

Currently, there is a section for “My Courses” on the Student Dashboard. Perhaps we could add a new section underneath for “My Bookmarked Lessons” or something similar.

I also thought it would be nice to have a small text-input area under each bookmarked lesson.

This would allow the student to add notes to the bookmark, to help them remember why they bookmarked it, or perhaps to note a specific point in the video so they can find it again easily.

What do you think of that idea?


We have some development work scheduled for the course overview pages, and so we can roll this feature into that round of development work.


Hey Hayden - that sounds exactly what I was thinking! The additional notes is also cool - that way, someone can copy and paste into their own digital journal (Microsoft One Note is great for this) and it’s another way to trace and monitor progress and changes :smiley:

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Awesome, I will update with progress on this shortly.


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Hi James,

The bookmark feature should be ready in a week or 2.

Below is what I sent to Alex, PianoGroove’s graphic designer.

I send over the basic concept and try to illustrate how it could look. He will then create a much neater version based on his design and usability expertise, that is ready to be coded into the site with the desired functionality.

I will post his version when I receive it.

There will have to be a new button on each lesson page too so that students can add the bookmark.

Thanks again for this great suggestion James… Some of the best features we’ve rolled out have started here in the Community. :grinning:

If anything else jumps to mind, don’t hesitate to let me know!



Awesome, thanks for the update Hayden! :smiley:

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My pleasure James… I’m looking forward to getting this feature live on the Student Dashboard.


Here’s the new designs fresh off the press :grinning:

If you have any feedback or additions, let me know and I will communicate this to our graphic designer.

First, we have the new “Bookmark Button” on the lesson page:

click the image to see a bigger version:

Next we have the bookmark section on the Pro Dashboard

Here is how the bookmark section will look on the member dashboard. The features are:

  • scrollable notes area to accommodate both long and short notes
  • an ‘edit bookmark’ button to ensure that notes are not edited by accident
  • a ‘remove bookmark’ button to remove the bookmark when the lesson had been completed and fully studied

click the image to get a bigger version:

Hope you like it!.. and thanks again for suggesting this great feature :star_struck:


Looks good Hayden - I look forward to bookmarking! :smiley:

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