Transcribing melodic lines

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My question is, how did you begin and manage to succeed at Transcribing and identifying the root the key and the intervals of any melodic line.

Hi guys, I wanted to discuss how you attempt to answer the melodic line, so part 1. With intervals im fine, I can hear it and usually get 80-100% on the answers. That’s come along. But I just cannot define the Melodic line.

If I wasn’t told it starts on C I wouldn’t know what it is, and bar the little Inkling I have of the interval gaps between the notes I struggle, at that pace to fill in the gaps of the melodic line first note and last note.

Playing the piano gives me the answer within 15 seconds because it’s just recall of 6-7 pitches. But is it simply a case of “ use the piano until you no longer need to “ is there not a way to do it without going to the piano for the answer? Do some people use Solfge? I’m interested to know any techniques because I’m fine with all intervals but struggle on identifying the melodic lines of anything and would love to know how people approach it especially without the aid of using the piano. Or do you use piano until you really don’t need it!? All ideas are welcomed. Thanks!

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Hi Michael,

I thought I had answered on the other thread a few days ago but realized my answer was still a draft, and just posted it now.

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Amazing thanks a lot!