"Tenderly" Arrangement

Hi Hayden,

I have been looking at the lesson on the ballad “Tenderly”, which is a really lovely tune.
I may have this wrong, but I think there’s an error on the PDF called “Tenderly - Simple Arrangement”. There’s a phrase in bars 4 & 5, and again in bars 20 & 21 that seems to be written higher than it should be…? I checked it against the score and the transcription, but these look fine.

Apologies if there’s some “hidden meaning” here which I haven’t spotted (…!!), but I thought I’d let you know about this.

Good spot Dave.

I have fixed that lesson supplement.


Hi Hayden,

Thanks for doing this, but (at the risk of being a nuisance) I think it’s still wrong in bars 5 and 21 (compared to the New Real Book). I think the 3 note phrase should start on Eb. in those bars, as in bars 4 and 20…??

Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave.

I have corrected and re-uploaded.


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