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Hi Hayden! After you changed to the new video player, I think it has become more difficult to see the whole of the real keyboard underneath the electronic one. It is as if the upper part of the keys have been “cut off”. When I watch your great lessons, I tend to look a lot at your hands and it is important to be able to see exactly what is happening even at the fingertips. Do you think it can be solved in some way? Thank you for a great site!

I can certainly look into this for you William… please could you send me a screenshot to

From what you have said, I think this is more to do with the editing of the video. But please send a screenshot, or a link to a lesson where this is a problem, and I will investigate further and find a solution :slight_smile:

I love how the lessons are in three parts, we actually always need that walk through of the left hand voicings (again and again) plus the opportunity to expand into more complex forms. and with Summertime…thanks for keeping that walking bass line so clean and simple – I’m not very ambidextrous and this was very helpful.

Lori I’ve only just seen this post… for some reason I wasn’t notified of your comments.

That’s great that you like the new lessons split into multiple parts… i completely see how this makes the content more digestible.

Yes clean and simple was the idea to get students into the rhythm of a moving left hand bass line with the right hand melody on top.

In the upcoming lesson on Autumn Leaves we will take the study of bass lines further, creating lines over major/minor 251s and also creating more of a walking bass as appose to just root and 5th.

Robin Williamson

Not sure where to put this comment but was thrilled that you used music by Beegie Adair in your Days of Wine & Roses lesson. Have not viewed the lesson yet but found it in
scanning your lessons. She is my absolute favorite. Has recorded the Great American
Song book plus hundreds of others. Got to hear her play at the Steinway piano store in Los Angeles. She really swings, her improvisations are smooth and don’t leave the melody too far. She says that the bass player helps her in memorizing so many songs.

Hi Robin,

That’s awesome that you’re a fan of Beegie Adair and wow, that must have been brilliant to see her live!

I 'm a big fan of her style. As you say very smooth and flowing improvisations. Just beautiful.

I hear a lot of Bill Evans and Barry Harris in her playing - both are also favourites players of mine.

I’ll look to incorporate more from her in upcoming lessons this year :slight_smile: