Scales and downloads

Very basic but, for beginners fingering would be useful in the download PDF.

Hi Greville,

Thanks for the great suggestion… I will look into adding the fingerings to the downloads.

In the interim, here is the major scale fingerings:


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Hayden. Many thanks. Quick work. Greville.

Do you have the fingerings for minor scales posted somewhere? (I just printed the major scale fingerings.)

Hi Christopher - welcome to the community area!

One of our students shared this useful scale fingerings resource:

Take a look at the website referenced:

For each scale they provide a visual of the keyboard and also the fingerings for both right and left hand. They cover fingerings for the following scales:

  • major scales
  • minor scales (natural, melodic, and harmonic)
  • blues scales major and minor pentatonic scales
  • bebop scales
  • the 7 modes of the major scale the altered mode which is a mode of the melodic minor scale/jazz minor scale
  • and finally quite an impressive selection of “exotic scales”

It’s a useful website to bookmark.

Any other questions just let us know.