[Resolved] Problem With Website

Dear predecessors and teachers:
I am a beginner for jazz piano. I joined the community on JUNE 14th. I paid for one year and I have learned some beginner lessons, But when i open the lessons website today, it told me that “i can’t find the page or the page is private”. I’m so worry and can’t find the helper. I want to make sure what’s wrong with it.

Hopeing for reply! Thanks so much!!

Me as well. Looks like they are working on the website. Hopefully we can get access soon.

OK! Thank you so much!I have doubt that i did something wrong with the website. Hopefully we can gei access soon.

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Hayden will respond to you very soon and help with that… it looks like the website is in a crash or in an update – some sort of odd problem I cannot log in either;
Tan, Welcome to Pianogroove. Once we get you past this hurdle I’m sure you will enjoy the program. we have some time zone issues so there could be a delay in getting this fixed. hang in there everyone!!

Hey everyone,

Apologies for this. I’ve emailed our technical team to investigate and the issue will be resolved shortly.

We have been launching new updates to the website and the forum, which will be the cause.

Working on it now and it will be resolved asap.


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I have emailed our technical guy in charge of the website and forum but I have not head back from him yet.

This is unusual because he usually replies within a few minutes whatever the time of day.

He is on PST time zone, so it is the early hours of the morning there.

In terms of the cause:

There was an update to the forum software around 10 hours ago.

The PianoGroove website has a somewhat complicated setup which allows the main site to interact with the forum software.

After the recent update to the forum, there will be some kind of setting that is making the main website redirect to the forum.

Apologies again for the inconvenience

Thanks for your patience and I’m trying to get it fixed asap.

I will put another procedure in place so that this doesn’t happen again.

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OK , I see. Thanks for reply my dear teacher. I’ll waiting for it with patience.

Thanks for your understanding @tan

I’m also waiting with patience.

I will ensure something is put in place so this doesn’t happen again.

It should be a quick fix once I can get hold of our technical guy.

Hi everyone,

The issue is fixed now.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.