Pro Member Dashboard

Hi Hayden,
some courses that I have already started, are no longer available to me in the Pro Member Dashboard. Is this because there is a limit on the amount shown or how can I obtain all my courses?

Thanks, Yves

Hi Yves

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

The dashboard should continue to grow in length as you add more courses.

I will investigate further and do some testing to fix the issue.

I’ll reply here and also to your email.


@Yves - thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

I’m unsure if the Dashboard has always restricted the number of courses to 6, or if this has just happened more recently.

Whatever the case, I have decided on a solution:

When a course is completed, it will ''collapse" into a new section of the dashboard “My Completed Courses”. Perhaps this section can be hidden by default so that you need to click to reveal the courses you have completed.

You may have seen the new Bookmark Feature - this is due to be added soon and I will also ensure that a fix is implemented for this completed course issue.


Hi Hayden,

Just to say thanks for all you‘re doing. Your suggestion sounds great and I look forward to carrying on with the courses.

All the best.


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