PianoGroove's New Design

Hi everyone, I am Ody, just wanted to say hi and thanks to everyone. Hayden of course for being the leader and the one sharing his knowledge for the rest of us to learn and be inspired, but also the community that makes this a jazz piano learning central. Really happy about this.

Hayden, I don’t know you other than through the emails we’ve exchanged and I have only been a member for 3 days and have only watched 2 lessons, but I know and trust my gut feeling, and it’s telling me this is the right place for me, thank you for doing this from heart and soul.

To quote you quoting the Duke “It got that swing”

Hey Ody :wave:

Thanks for the intro!.. and welcome to the PianoGroove Community.

Really great to hear you are enjoying the website so far! If you like the current site you will love the new course system and progress tracking.

The launch is still delayed… it’s taking longer than expected to add the chapter markers and split up longer tutorials. But we are almost there.

I’ll post another update here tomorrow.


Hi guys,

Quick update… I’ve finished 95% of my tasks for the new site.

In order to make the chapters, I’ve watched every lesson in the PianoGroove library in the last week, which as you can imagine, was a big task! :slight_smile:

Most lessons have a “Practice Tips” section which gives you actionable suggestions on what and how to practice for that specific area of theory or jazz standard.

I’ll be speaking with the tech team very shortly and I’ll get an estimate, it should be live in the next 24-48 hours.


Hi Everyone…

The new website has been launched! :tada: :balloon:

I’ll be sending an email out to all students today. If anyone comes across anything unusual, please send me an email.

There’s a few things I’m finishing off today to ensure sure there are no ‘loose ends’ from migrating the new website. So far so good! :sunglasses:



Hey All!

Okay, so an important issue raised by a number of students is:

how to find an individual lesson, or to see all of the individual lessons in one place.

You should have all received an email where I explain the search feature, and also highlighted the course map which you can find if you scroll up in this thread.

In my opinion, the search feature is the quickest and easiest way to find a jazz standard, then just make note of the course it’s in and you know where to find it.

A great suggestion from one of our students (Thanks Ioannis!) … is to make the left column lesson titles, link to the individual lesson page: https://www.pianogroove.com/transcriptions-scores-midi/ - this page is now accessible on the right hand side of the Pro Member Dahsboard.

I have passed this recommendation onto the technical team to be implemented - in the interim please use the search feature in combination with the lesson list - to find the jazz standard page you are looking for.

If anyone has any other suggestions, recommendations, ideas or concerns, please post them below :slight_smile:



I notice that some of the recommended order of lessons we are to learn have changed slightly, in particular the original lineage of particular jazz standards. For example, I notice that “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is listed after “My Foolish Heart” rather than “In a Sentimental Mood” as the standard that immediate follows. Standards such as “What are you Doing the Rest of my Life” were also in the original form of the curriculum after “In a Sentimental Mood.” I have learned and progressed best by following the curriculum exactly as it is listed. Having said that, I just want to clarify that these changes you’ve made to the order of things are indeed intentional. If so, I have no issue following this new organization of lessons, but wanted to make sure. Though we are free to choose whichever lessons we want, I like to treat you lessons as academically as possible, since I am also an online college student already prone to a remote course of study.



Hey Eric,

That’s right. This was all intentional. I’ve explained the rationale behind this below.

The key thing to understand with the course system is that:

Each course starts by demonstrating a particular area of theory. We then cover the jazz standards where that theory is applied.

Moving onto your examples:

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is a very accessible arrangement for beginners which is why it has been placed earlier on in the curriculum in the beginner course on extended voicings.

"In A Sentimental Mood" contains a lot of minor line cliche, and we also we play through with left hand voicings and so it made sense to place this jazz standard tutorial in the course on left hand voicings and the minor line cliche.

"What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" was the first jazz standard lesson where we apply Suspended Voicings (which can be used as a reharmonisation over a 251). I explain the concept from a beginners point of view and so that’s why it is the first jazz standard lesson in the course on Chords Substitution and Reharmonisation.

The crux of my teaching method is to demonstrate a theory concept, and then apply it to jazz standards so that you understand the usage and application in context. This then empowers you to apply it to other tunes to develop a strong working knowledge of the topic.

There will be some changes with the way new lessons are published moving forwards. This will come into effect in the coming months.

Instead of publishing individual lessons. I want to be publishing whole courses at once. This ties into my plans to get other tutors and other styles featured on the website.

I hope this helps answer your questions and if you’d like me to elaborate on anything just let me know :slight_smile: