Our New Forum Design Is Here! 🚀

Hi all,

If you’re reading this I’m sure you have noticed our new forum design.

So what has changed? …

1) A New Forum Menu

The main navigation now has a cleaner integration with the site. When moving from the main website into the forum/community area, you will now see that the top navigation is more consistent with the rest of the PianoGroove website.

You will see the new drop down to navigate back to the lesson genre pages too.

2) A Better Mobile Experience

The user experience has been improved for mobile users (tablet and phones).

This ties into #1 and ensures that the forum and its content can be easily accessed by students on all devices and technologies.

3) The Forum Banner Header

Forum Header Banner now has been better designed. You will now see the small gold buttons which create a secondary navigation within the forum. This lists 5 of the key forum areas so that students can quickly browse through different topics and categories:

You will see that on mobile/tablet, these gold buttons will then wrap onto the next line and stack on top of each other. Again this ties into point #2.

We will be investing in and developing our community technology further over the coming weeks and months.



Hi Hayden, it‘s a great development to the site. I was wondering if you could include a Gold Button for Bookmarks so that the student (i.e. me) has everything grouped together in one.
See what you think.

Cheers Yves

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Hi Yves :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion.

To confirm, is this to bookmark forum posts? Or to bookmark lesson pages?

You might have seen this thread on our new “Bookmark Lesson Feature” which is coming soon: Video Bookmarking Feature

We can certainly look at adding a similar functionality in the forum, for “Bookmarked Threads”

I have been wanting to further integrate the Forum Posts with the Pro Dashboard, this is something I will be working on soon so your feedback and ideas are very much welcomed.


Hi Hayden
Thanks for answering. I meant the Forum Bookmarks, because i thought it would be easier to to find everything. Of course, the idea of integrating everything would be an optimum idea.
Thanks a lot for your help.


Yes I think that’s a fantastic idea.

As the forum grows, we will need something to help organise and bookmark posts of interest.

Ideally, this would be nice to integrate with the Pro Dashboard, so that students can see their bookmarked posts right there with the lessons they are working on.

I’m glad to hear you also like this idea… leave it with me :slight_smile:


Hi everyone :wave:

We have launched our new forum design.

We now have a prominent search box in the header to quickly find information we are looking for.

We also have a new secondary navigation to make the forum easier to browse and navigate.

Any feedback or issues let me know.


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It is a very slick and attractive UI Hayden - and can offer a very useful overview at a glance without distracting the eye. Thanks!

Glad you like it James - I’m very happy with it too.

The designer and developer both did an awesome job :grinning: