Our Improv Exercise Section Has Launched 🚀

Hi Groovers :wave:

We’re excited to launch the newest section of our community area. The improvisation and transcription exercise section:


I have created a short explainer video on this new section, check it out here:

Exercises For All Levels & Abilities

@Tuomo will be setting weekly exercises for us to work on our transcription skills. These exercises have been designed to prepare students for transcribing from their favourite records and albums.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • Interval recognition
  • Bassline recognition
  • Transcribing lines over common progressions
  • Identifying chord qualities
  • Transcribing common cadences
  • Identifying colour, tensions, and moving voices.

Weekly Exercises For Our Students

Each week Tuomo will add a new transcription exercise for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level. Before the next exercise is posted, Tuomo will post the notation of the audio file so that we can check our transcription for accuracy before moving onto the next study.

I’ll be taking part in these exercises and I’m looking forward to learning from wealth of knowledge on jazz harmony and improvisation.

For More Information Check Out Tuomo’s Introduction:

Any feedback, ideas, or suggestions, we’d love to hear it.

Talk soon!

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