No sound on video playback

I am getting an intermittent problem with the sound. Sometimes, I log in and there is no sound at all. Nothing I do seems to fix the problem. logout, login again, and even reboot the computer. Nothing seems to work. Other days, it seems to work OK. This can be very inconvenient when you have set aside a particular time to practice.

That seems odd. What browser are you using?

Hi Bruce,

Please can you confirm that the volume controls are on full (see screenshot below) all bars should be green for full volume.

There has been an issue where the volume controls are muted by default when playing a a video. This was supposed to have been fixed already but it seems not. I’m forwarding to tte tech guys now.

Please see the screenshot below and I’m here to assist further if needed :—)


Apologies for the inconvenience of this Bruce… we will get it fixed asap.

Something is wrong. At first, this morning in California, the videos played with no sound. However, now it simply will not load. I use Safari and have no problem on other websites. Often loading is slow, but not like this.

Now this is really odd. The lesson loaded and worked fine on my iPad. Also using Safari.

Thanks for letting me know Tom, I have sent the error report to the video player developer.

To confirm, it works on your iPad but not on your other device, which is a laptop?

Apologies for the inconvenience of this.

Edit. The device it doesn’t work on is a iMac. Desktop. I just checked and it is still not loading the lessons.

Thanks for letting me know @TomLC and apologies for the inconvenience of this.

Here is what we will do to fix it…

Please can you take the following screenshot for me and I will forward to the video player developer so that he can diagnose and fix the issue.

Step 1 - Load any video page, right click/double finger press, then click on “Inspect” :

Step 2 - Click the “console” tab, and then press play on the video, or click anywhere inside the video container.

Once the video starts playing (or loading, buffering etc…) you will then see the console log populated like this on the right hand side…

Please take a screenshot of the console log, and email it to hayden(at) and I will get this fixed for you asap. That will allow us to see exactly what is causing the problem for you.

Please email the screenshot to me and I will forward it straight away.


Hayden, That console log does not seem to open on a Mac. Maybe that works on a PC? Regardless, I am not experiencing a problem at this time. I tested the iMac, MacBook Pro, and my iPad. Thank you for your timely responses.


Great to hear it’s fixed Tom. Apologies again and thanks for your patience.

I am using my iMac on the screenshots above and I have had no playback issues. It seems just some users are experiencing the issue intermittently, so it’s a little tricky to diagnose. I have asked the developer to look into it again.

In case you do experience the bug again, here’s a link which explains how to open the Developer Console on all browsers.

When a webpage doesn’t load correctly, you should see a red box in the console log, and if you can take a quick screenshot of that log it will allow the developer to pinpoint exactly what is causing the bug.

Here to help further if needed :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Hayden,

The problem regarding the lack of audio on playback has returned!!

The volume controls are on full. All the audio bars are there but they are white, not green. The audio is NOT disabled. Moreover, I can get audio on any other web-based video such as those I access on Youtube.

Please help with this issue. It has resulted in my piano practice learning coming to an almost complete stop!


Thanks for letting me know about this @bruce6

The audio bars should not show all white, when the volume is switched off, they are replaced by the ‘mute icon’ see video below:

Please send me an email with screenshots of the white bars that you are seeing, and also please specify the device and web browser you are using so that I can try to replicate what you are experiencing.