New Teachers - Votes & Feedback Needed 👍

that would be great hayden we are waiting cheers

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Hey all :wave:

Here’s a sneak peek of Matt’s upcoming course on The Minor Blues Progression:

The full course includes lessons on:

  • The Basic Minor Blues Form
  • Enhancing The Minor Blues Form
  • Minor Blues Standard Tutorial
  • Basslines & Left Hand Patterns
  • Penatatonic Improv Application
  • Modal Improv Application
  • Putting Everything Together

I’m thrilled to have Matt as part of the PianoGroove tuition team and if anyone has any comments or feedback, we’d love to hear from you :slight_smile:


Great news, looking forward to the release date

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Looking forward to this! :slight_smile:

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I see lots of fun coming with this! thanks for adding!!

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Heard the intro video by Matt! Sounds like a great addition to your program, I like the sound and hope he uses your format of teaching, it will be great. Unfortunately I am still bouncing back and forth and have not decided what music to stick too. It’s not your teaching method, it is my undeceivenes as to what direct to take, I signed up for your course about 6 or 7 months ago and love it,!!,! Keep up your great work, Henry

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Looks great Hayden, I like Matt’s style.

Will be great to see the full course and I think it really adds value to the platform with the additional teachers coming on board.

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback everyone! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a lot of fun and looking forward to playing some blues :thinking:

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Yes these lessons will be a nice addition to the Blues section!

I think so too Julian.

Ultimately, jazz is such a vast subject that having different views, perspectives and teaching methods will benefit all our students.

I’ve studied with a few great teachers and learnt unique and valuable insights from each of them.

This is exactly what I want to do with PianoGroove, but on a much larger scale.


Hey all.

More great news with new PianoGroove tutors.

Here’s a sneak peek into the upcoming course on accompanying singers, taught by Lyndol:

I’ve posted more information in this thread for those interested: Course on Accompanying Singers

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Hey all!

To give you an update:

We’ve recorded 4 of the 7 lessons on both courses.

Movings forwards, all courses will be published at once, in contrast to the previous system of uploading single lessons at a time. This should give students more focus and direction when a new style, or course area is added.

The 2 courses have evolved slightly, here’s the current plans with progress updated. Strikethrough shows lessons that have already been recorded and edited"

Lyndol’s course on Accompnying Singers

  1. Working With Singers - Goals & Expectations

  2. How To Accompany Singers - Melody, Harmony & Bass (“Autumn Leaves” in G Minor)

  3. Adding Fills & Taking Solos (“Autumn Leaves” in G Minor)

  4. Ending Tunes When Accompanying A Singer (“Autumn Leaves” in G Minor)

  5. Uptempo Accompaniment (“Summertime” in D Minor)

  6. How To Transpose Songs Quickly (“Summertime” in D Minor)

Lesson 7 will be either:

  • Ballad Accompaniment (“Body & Soul” in Db Major)
  • Singing & Playing: Tips For Singing Pianists

Matt’s course on The Minor Blues

  1. Minor Blues Introduction

  2. Enhancing The Minor Blues Form

  3. Pentatonic Improvisation

  4. Modal Scale Application

  5. Left Hand Patterns & Basslines

  6. Minor Blues Standard: “Mr P.C.”

  7. Putting It All Together - “I Put A Spell On You”

We are aiming to have both courses completed in the next 2 weeks.

Both Lyndol and Matt have done a fantastic job so far and I’m working hard to get all of the content edited as quickly as possible.

In the near future, I envisage multiple full courses to be published each month and so soon I’ll be searching for additional video editing staff which is exciting.

I’ll post more updates over the next week or so and any questions or comments in the mean time let me know


Both of these courses look all kinds of awesome! :smiley:


Hi Hayden, I’m so looking forward to Lyndol’s course, as I am working with singer/ actors at the moment.
I also wanted to let you know that your transcriptions are really helpful. I am still working on Misty, and the chords in bars 7 and 8 are so inspiring. I have copied down the scale degree numbers so that I can reproduce them in other keys. Cheers :smile:

Hi Natasha,

Yes Lyndol’s course is looking brilliant and I’m excited to publish it!

Her lessons are well-planned and she shares tonnes of knowledge and insight from her experience as a singer and a jazz pianist on the NYC jazz scene.

At the end of some tutorials, she sings through the lyrics with just the bass notes and a metronome. This allows students to accompany her vocals and apply the theory covered in the lessons.

It’s a great way to simulate playing with a jazz singer.

I’m really happy to have her on board as a teacher!

That’s great to hear.

That particular sequence is intermediate/advanced level.

The pattern is moving from the 13sus chord to an altered dominant tritone sub. It’s a lovely sound.

Instead of G7, we play G13sus then to the tritone with 13#11 extensions which is Db13#11 - this is a half step above C7 which is the next chord. But instead of playing C7, again we play C13sus and then instead of going staring to F7, we play the tritone again which is F#7 and again we add the 13#11 extensions/alterations.

The formula for 13 sus chord is R-4-b7 in the left hand, and then a minor 7th chord off the 9th. For example, C13sus is C-F-Bb in the left and then a D-7 chord in the right hand. That’s an important formula to remember.

Then for the 13#11 chord, it’s a major triad off the 9th to get 9-#11-13 in the right hand. You can play this over R-3-b7 or 3-b7 or even R-b7… all sound nice to my ears :grin:

If you’d like to study more in that area, check out the lesson on Sus Chords where we cover similar examples:

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Great stuff! Happy as a bird!

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Looking forward to this course

Hey Lori :wave:

I’m aiming to publish Lyndol’s course in the next day or 2.

And Matt’s course within the next 7 days.

I grossly underestimated the work involved, and my initial estimates were widely optimistic… but almost there! :sweat_smile:

I will post some of Matt’s videos in here tonight to give you guys a pre-release.


You have been incredibly prolific for three solid years… this is a whole new layer… going to take some time!

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Hi Hayden, I understand that Funk is the 2nd least popular on this vote, but I’ve recently got very interested in it. May I know if this genre wil be explored any time soon?

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