New Syllabus Pages Coming Soon

Hi Everyone :wave:

With our growing lesson library and teaching team I decided it was a good idea to create custom syllabuses (see the designs below) .

These syllabuses will cover many different topics and also draw links between the different styles that we teach on PianoGroove.

For example, if a new student wanted to learn to play Brazilian music, they must first understand some of topics covered in the jazz courses such as extended harmony, rootless harmony, and altered harmony.

The syllabuses will provide this information to ensure that every student has a clear road map on how to progress through the material and achieve their goals and aspirations.

We will also be expanding our teaching team to incorporate more styles of improvised music and so our new syllabus section of the website will help to add structure and organisation to our ever-growing library of lessons.

Hope you all like the designs, and I’ll be posting all updates in this thread.

Syllabus Index Page Design:

  • lists syllabuses
  • shows difficulty level
  • shows number of courses

Full Syllabus Page Design:

  • integrates with our current course tracking system
  • provides a ‘birds eye view’ of what the syllabus entails
  • lists the courses and lessons in the syllabus
  • shows the teachers you will be learning from
  • lists all related downloads
  • links to relevant forum threads to further integrate the website and our forum

Any feedback or ideas let me know.


Brilliant idea, Hayden. Thanks for doing this. It will be a big help.

If you could consider doing one on arranging [chord selection etc] that would be truly amazing.



Great idea Scott. I think a course on “Arranging & Chord Selection” would work well.

I’ve added it to the syllabus list and I have a good idea of which courses it will contain.

The plan is to create syllabuses around genres, and also around specific skills such as: arrangement, improvisation, comping, reharmonisation etc…

What I like is that the skill-based syllabuses can contain courses from the different genres (jazz, blues, Brazilian) giving different insights and perspectives into the topic.

The development work has started on this new page template so I should have an update soon :+1:

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