👨‍🎨 New Forum Design

Hey Everyone,

We have designed a new menu interface for navigating the forum. The main goal of this update is to make the key forum sections more accessible and visible.

I wanted to post the design concepts here to ask for any feedback, suggestions, or design tweaks before we start the coding.

What exactly is changing?

  • The 6-item horizontal gold menu will be replaced by a vertical menu down the left hand side of the forum.

  • This menu can be collapsed/minimised to regain the full width thread experience.

  • The new vertical menu will cater for more forum categories as the forum grows and develops.

  • There is also a new design layout for the classroom section for students who want personalised support, feedback, or a group learning experience.

Check out the new designs below.

New Forum Side Menu

Forum Side Menu On Scroll

Forum Side Menu Minimised

Classroom Box Interface


This looks great! I usually scroll through the forum through my mobile device personally, but this looks to be much more accessible in terms of filtering out specific categories.


The new changes look good–a lot cleaner and easier to navigate.


Yay! Awesome! very organized/creative and easier to navigate! Thanks very much! :blush:

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I like it! What I really hate on websites are the drop-down banners that descend and obscure a large part of the screen when you are trying to read something. As much of the working screen should be as visible as possible with as little interruption as possible Well done.


I like it a lot! It is a very clean design and allows us to see more topics. Great job!


Excellent. Simple and practical. Love the new format :blush:


Wonderful… thanks for everyone’s feedback.

I have passed the designs onto the forum developers to code and implement.


Hi Everyone,

Here are the final menu design updates with 2 tweaks:

  1. We realised that we needed a second level of navigation for subcategories, this will make the forum categories a lot easier to navigate from a hierarchical standpoint.

  2. We also added the icons when the menu is collapsed which I think looks great.

Notice the chevron on “Records & Albums” catgegory

Subcategories of “Records & Albums”

Category Icons When Menu Is Collapsed

This new design should be fully implemented by the end of July.


Hi Everyone,

A quick update here, the target delivery date for the new forum design is August 13th.

I will post more updates as they come in from the developers.

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Just to let everyone know that we’re very close.

We’re adding the final touches and looking to deploy the new interface to our testing area on Monday at the latest.


Hey everyone,

We have deployed the new interface to the testing space. Here’s a little sneak peak of how it’s looking:

The core functionality is working great and there are some little tweaks and details that I will iron out in the next few days (icons, header spacing, hover effects on active categories, and the classroom interface).

ETA this week!



Yay! Hayden, that’s SUPER!!! Thank You! :star_struck:

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We’re working on the migration today and the new design is due to be published late evening (European Time).

Everything should run smoothly and thanks for your patience during the migration incase we run into any snags.

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Hey everyone,

The forum is currently menu-less which I am aware of :grinning:

I tried to activate the new design earlier but ran into some kind of issue as the new left hand menu is not appearing. I am waiting on the developer to help out.

In the interim if you want to find/browse the forum categories, please click on the “Categories” option on the forum homepage:

We’re almost there with the new design and thanks for your patience :sunglasses:

This is now finished. I hope everyone likes the new interface.

There are still a few little tweaks to make and if anyone notices anything unusual please let me know.


Looks beautiful and functional, Hayden! Great work :grin:

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Fantastic and well done to all involved Hayden. So much easier to navigate around!!!

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