New Forum Design 👨‍🎨

We have a new forum design coming soon.

Here’s a sneak peak of the new designs:

Banner Section:

Full Forum Home:

Forum Category Page:

Hope y’all like it! :cowboy_hat_face:


We’ve tweaked the designs a little further… there will now be a search box directly in the header image section:

This will help us to find the exact information we are looking for with the click of a button.

We already have a search box in the top right of the corner:

But our new search box will make it even quicker and find the info we are looking for.

There will also be a custom search results page. Here using the search term “improvisation” as an example:

Here’s the mobile designs too.

We have a nice drop down menu to make it easy to browse on-the-go:

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The new design is great.

One thing that might be useful in future would be an index to the tunes/tutorials included in the lessons. Or maybe it could be handled using the new search feature with a tag for the song titles.

Like most, I assume, after I’ve gone through a tutorial and played around with the related downloaded material, I then move on. When I want to revisit a given tutorial a month later, I can’t remember at what level or in what lesson it was included.

Just a thought. :thinking:

Nice idea Scott.

Let me think about the best way that could work.

In the interim, we do have 2 pages which list all tunes we cover:

Custom Syllabus Pages:

I’m also working with Alesandro - our graphic designer - to create custom syllabus pages which will add more structure, organisation, and classification to the growing lesson library.

More on this to be announced shortly.

More Teachers, More Genres:

I’ve been chatting with a Funk teacher to expand into that genre, no dates just yet but it’s in the pipeline. Due to the nature of Funk, we are working on the best way to present the material. We think backing tracks will be needed to free up the left hand. Still a work in progress and I’ll post updates as they happen.

I also want to get some B3/Hammond/Soul style tutorials. I’ll be messaging you about this Scott - if I remember correctly you mentioned that Hammond is an area of interest for you. I need a big list of names of players and I will reach out to them.


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Thanks for the links. I never realized that they were there on the dashboard page. That should be sufficient without a separate index. As it was, I was was shuffling from lesson to lesson looking for tunes. :nerd_face: And the Hammond tutorials would be great.

You’re not the first Scott… I’ve had numerous students mention that to me!

It’s second nature for me because I’ve added each lesson and page myself… so I know where everything is.

I must make an explainer video to show how to navigate the index, and search/find any tune. The search bar on the main site is also handy, just search for the jazz standard by name. I’m sure it could be improved, but it works.

The new custom syllabus feature will be a game changer for us. Very excited for it. So much of the material on the site is interrelated, and so the custom syllabuses will ‘join the dots’ together and give a structured roadmap from A to B.

We’re ‘wireframing’ the layout of the syllabus page now and should have the finished design by next week. I’ll share an update when ready.

Awesome I’ll shoot you a line and would love your input.

Talk soon!

Cool! Looks good Hayden!

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Hi all,

We’re making progress on the new forum design, I’d estimate early next week we will be ready to launch the new design :rocket:

Here’s a quick preview, it’s still in development but the functionality is coming together nicely: