Musician Transcription Studies - Cast Your Votes 🗳

Hi PianoGroovers :wave:

We have a new initiative for our Improvisation & Transcription Exercises.

@Tuomo and myself have come up with the following ideas for bi-weekly transcription studies on the recordings of notable jazz pianists:

  • These exercises will ‘bridge the gap’ between our current ear training exercises, and transcribing directly from our favourite recordings.

  • For each musician, Tuomo will create transcription assignments on the improvised solos of famous jazz pianists. The first section of the solo and the hardest parts will be provided. The assignment is to ‘fill in the gaps’ to complete the transcription and also continue to transcribe from the recording if you like the style of the solo.

  • There will also be assignments on comping where some of the voicings and rhythms are provided, but some bars are left blank and the assignment is again to fill in the gaps and work out the chords and rhythms by ear.

  • Each musician thread will start with a bit of information/background on the musician and include links to their records/albums/discography so that we are also learning about the history and background of the musicians in question.

Cast Your Votes On The Pianists You Would Like To Study:

We can all cast up to 3 votes on the pianists we would to see covered in these exercises and the highest-voted musicians will be covered first. Here’s the shortlist:

  • Tommy Flanagan
  • Oscar Peterson
  • Bill Evans
  • Wynton Kelly
  • Bud Powell
  • Red Garland
  • Thelonious Monk
  • Hank Jones

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All ideas, suggestions, and feedback are welcome.

We want these assignments to be enjoyable but still challenging. We will make sure that they cater to all levels of students to give everyone a very clear path into listening and transcribing from our favourite records.

We plan to start these exercises this coming week, so get your votes in on who you would like to see covered first.


Great idea, I went with Monk since I think he is the most mysterious :slight_smile:

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I only recognize 4 names, and only really know the music of 2. So I’m going to do some listening first and get back with a vote :slight_smile:

edit: ok I haven’t gotten far. Started with Tommy Flanagan and wow! So melodic. On the few I"ve listened to I like the way it builds up from slow and easy I’d love to try to transcribe some of these.

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Brilliant, enjoy listening to these players Brett!

Each has their own personal style and it will be a fun and rewarding exercise to study and transcribe their work.

Hey Groovers :wave:

The first musician transcription study has been published. The exercise is to transcribe Bill Evans’ solo on his iconic trio recording of “Autumn Leaves”. Some of the transcription has been provided in the PDF download and the goal is to listen to the record and fill in the gaps.

Check out the exercise here: Bill Evans - Transcription Exercises

As per everyones votes above, we have covered Bill Evans first. Keep the votes coming in for who we cover next. We will be creating many transcription studies on each musician and these will be set on a bi-weekly basis.

Cheers and Happy Transcribing! :grinning: