Mark favourite lessons with a star to quickly find them

Hi Hayden,

I’m loving your site and trying out a lot of different lessons within many different courses and levels. I find that some of the lessons are mostly review for me and won’t likely come back to them but many of the individual lessons have great content that I would likely return to several times over a long period of time to review again and absorb more.

It would be great if there were a way to mark an individual lesson as a favourite and then show an index of my personal favourites on my dashboard for quick navigation and reminder of which ones I 'd like to come back to and review more later.

Anyway, still plugging along and checking out all the great content. Love it!


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Hi Scott,

Thanks for the great suggestion!

We are currently implementing this feature, check it out here: Video Bookmarking Feature

There will be a bookmark button above the top right corner of each video, and an additional area on the Pro Dashboard where you can write notes, and ‘unbookmark’ the lesson once you are finished with it.

You will see the screenshots and mockups in the thread above.

The first screenshot is the one that I mocked up to send to our designer, and then you will see that our designer created a much neater version which is currently being coded.

Other new features…

There is a round of new changes in progress, the other development is the new course page layout: Your Vote Needed! New Course Page Design 🥇 - I choose to move forward with a mixture of all designs, based on the feedback of students.

I will be posting updates on both of these shortly.

Thanks again for taking the time to suggest this, our platform is built on the ideas and needs of all our students, and so I am always open to new ideas and suggestions.


Wow. Thanks for the quick response. These improvements will be great!

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