Is there a list of all lessons?

There are times when reading a forum post that Hayden provides a link to a relevant course topic. Sometimes, I don’t have time to go the link then and plan to look it up later.
The problem is that sometimes I can’t find the lesson and I can’t remember which forum post I was reading.
For example, I saw a lesson that was something like ‘Playing solo piano like it sounds like an orchestra’. And now I can’t find a lesson that’s titled anything like that.
So my question is : Is there a list or index of all lessons ?

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Hi Ivor :wave:

This is the lesson you are looking for on ‘orchestral solo piano’:

Lesson Index Page

Yes we have a lesson index page which lists all lessons on the site:

Lesson & Forum Bookmarking

Check out this video which explains our lesson bookmarking feature. This is a useful feature to keep track of the lessons and topics we are working on:

We also have a bookmarking feature in the forum. Check out this thread for more info:



That’s brilliant, Hayden. I love PianoGroove. You’ve clearly put a great deal of thought and work into the site. I’m very glad I joined.


Hi @Hayden:

This index is extremely valuable! Shouldn’t it be made more accessible, possibly as a dropdown link from the lessons tab on the main page?



What index? I don’t see what you’re referring to…

I’m referring to Hayden’s post of Jan 17 '20 in response to a question from Ivor. Here is the extract:

Lesson Index Page

Yes we have a lesson index page which lists all lessons on the site:

Hi @richard18 - thanks for posting this.

We have 3 ‘index pages’ - the lesson index, the course index, and the jazz standard lesson index:

I always thought the lesson index could be a little overwhelming for students because it lists so many different difficulty levels, styles, and genres without much structure or classification.

However, upon further reflection, perhaps adding a more robust filtering interface on that page would make it much more intuitive and user-friendly. A search box could also be handy to search for specific theory areas.

This is great timing as I’m currently working with our tech team to improve the user experience on the lesson pages and also the website interface in general.

I think adding the Lesson Index as an additional item in the “Lessons” dropdown is a great idea, particularly with some interface improvements to help filter and search the lessons.