How To Use The Video Player ⏯

Hey Groovers

The following video highlights the features of our custom video player.

We cover the following features:

  • Shortcuts to play and pause the video
  • How to slow down the video speed
  • 10 second skip back feature
  • A/B loop feature
  • Lesson chaptering

Nice! I did not notice the loop feature for the chapters…helpful to know.


:+1: Nice made , clear and concise.

A good idea would be to incorporate it in the video player of pianogroove ,
and even creating chapters as well . So when reading the video we could already trying all the features ,

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Thank you guys, I did not know the ‘looping’ options were so easy; now I do and that helps smooth the process of learning. Thanks again, Smole

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I’ve never seen an a/b button below the chapters…I love this possibility but wonder why it’s not there? Using iPad
Thanks Hayden

Sorry, scratch that last comment. It’s not on the lesson I was doing, Someone to watch…beginners, but I do see it in several other lessons I checked.
Great feature, wish I had noticed it!
Kudos as always to you Hayden!

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Thanks for letting me know Kim… we are investigating why the bar & buttons are not appearing on that page.

It seems like some kind of bug as the A/B buttons should be on all pages.

Leave it with me.

Hey Kim…

That page is fixed now… thanks for letting us know about it.

You will now see the A/B chapter loop button on all videos on the site.

Talk soon :slightly_smiling_face:

On my Samsung tablet I have neither the speed button (which would be very useful) nor the HD option (which I assume is high definition… not sure what that’s for.) How can I get these?

Thanks for letting us know Wendy.

I have forwarded it to our technical team to investigate.

I will update you shortly :+1:

Hey @wendy

Please check on your Samsung tablet again and you should see the speed buttons are now showing.

It was an issue with Android devices which we have now fixed.

Any further issues let us know, and enjoy the lessons! :sunglasses:


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Yes, the speed button’s there and the HD button is gone. Thank you. I haven’t tried it yet because I just returned from San Francisco where, at SFJazz, I saw a wonderful Colombian jazz group called Monsieur Perine. Definitely not jazz standards, but lots and lots of fun and energy!!!

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My tablet which I’ve been trying to use with my full size piano was working for a while, but touching the touch screen to pause it and restart is now very inconsistent. The 10 second rewind is also balky. Quite annoying. Is the problem on my end? (Everything works on my desktop computer. In fact, because it’s easier for me to read and use that, I bought an inexpensive tabletop keyboard.)
Also: is there anywhere you have posted a written transcript of each lesson? I think that might be helpful (to me, anyway); rather than using the slider or the 10 second rewind to review what you’ve said.

This seems to be working now. Sorry to bother you.

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All excellent features , clearly explained . Thanks Hayden

Thanks Roger, I’m glad you found the explainer video helpful.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can post them here in the forum.

Enjoy the lessons!

This is my 3rd time trying to get attention to a problem. Frequently a lesson when 1/2 way thru freezes and there are the 4 vertical bouncing line over the keyboard. I then have to close out and restart.
I may be the only only one having the problem and if so shall call apple.

Hi Ken,

Apologies for the delay, my inbox is always a little hectic this time of year. I am replying to your email now.

If you can send screenshots of the issue, and information on what . your device/browser you are using, that will help us to diagnose and fix the issue as quickly as possible for you.

I will include more info in the email.

Our video player has lots of custom features (Lesson Chapters, 10 Second Rewind, A/B Loop, Speed Controls) which can cause these little bugs now and again.

Rest assured we will fix the issue asap for you.