How to loop parts of video

I done a quick video to show you how doing some loop with the player of PianoGroove Its so easy , It would be such a shame to miss this :sunglasses:

  • click AB at the bottom right of the video, then letter i (start) and O (end)

PS Of course we will delete it when Dan will have done his video for it


Nice demonstration Pierre :ok_hand:

The β€œI” and β€œO” shortcuts are a useful trick to precisely loop parts of the video.

Thanks for creating the explainer video!

Very nice! Thank you Pierre!

You re wellcome Thanks

Straight to the point, clear and concise for an instructional video @pierre. You just keep adding strings to your bow Sir :slight_smile: Great addition to the forum

:blush: happy to add my little stone

thanks Dan

Discovering incrustation of the camera with OBS …

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I used to use OBS a while back, If your Windows 10, the OS should come with a nice screen recording feature β€˜XBOX’, initially developed for gamers to record but it has great features and performs really well.

Just hold the windows key and then press G to automatically bring up the controls for it. In my opinion, it’s a step above OBS for efficiency, functionality and compatibility/encoding etc.