How to delete browsed lessons from the Pro Dashboard

Hi Hayden,

I have been browsing the lessons and the list is getting to become quite long in the Pro Dashboard. Any ways to delete those lessons and make the list become shorter?

Thanks a lot,


Hi @Lawrence :wave:t2:

I have created a short exlpainer video for you here:

I’ve been meaning to create a longer ‘video tour’ like this where I walk though all features on the site. It’s on my to-do-list!

Hope the above helps and any other questions let me know.


Hi Hayden,
Thanks, it works. Cheers.

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Hi Hayden: I’m trying to clean up my dashboard. Tried this, but when I did, the course didn’t disappear, it just went from “Go” to “Start.” What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?
Update: It didn’t work on the website tour, but it did on another course. Whatever…

Hi Wendy :wave:

Yes the “website tour course” appears by default on everyone’s dashboard to give a guided tour of the website layout and features.

I will ask the tech guys to add a ‘hide’ button or something like that so that it can be hidden/removed from the dashboard if desired.

Thanks for flagging this… I agree it should be optional for it to show on the dashboard.

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