Gospel music teachers?

Hi Hayden,

Is it a possibility that we might be able to get some gospel piano teachers in the future? I think there’s a good amount of us that play piano at church and would love to merge our learning of jazz into contemporary church music, and the gospel genre is a big part of that. I would imagine having solid fundamentals in jazz helps, but I’m pretty sure there are also some intricacies and also insider tips that we can get from a gospel teacher. Would love to see it incorporated here some day. Thanks!



Hi Paul :wave:

Yes gospel tutorials are certainly something we would like to offer.

I’ve received multiple requests for gospel tutorials from students who play in church and so I feel that it’s most definitely an area we should cover. It would be great to find a teacher with a background in contemporary church music and also a strong knowledge of jazz harmony.

I’m always looking to expand our teaching team; the challenge is usually finding the right person in the right place to do the recording! :grinning:

I’ll ask our other teachers and see if they can recommend anyone.

As you correctly point out, most styles of improvised music require a knowledge of the fundamentals of jazz, also also blues too, and so much of the PianoGroove syllabus will be important information for you to play in a gospel style.

I would imagine there is a lot of crossover between blues and gospel and so gospel tutorials would nicely fit into our blues section of the website.

Leave it with me and I will ensure we find the right person.


ps. I made a couple of lessons on “Georgia On My Mind” which have a gospel-esque flavour. Check them out here if you haven’t already:


I’m by no means an expert at playing gospel but from listening to a bunch of recordings of that tune it was fun to arrange it in a gospel style. Hope you like it!

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