Forum Update & Maintenance 👷

Hi everyone :wave:

We are in the middle of a significant website update. The PianoGroove Community now lives at which will set the foundations for some exciting updates in the near future.

There are also some changes happening on the main website. This update and maintenance work will be completed by tomorrow. The update has been planned out meticulously and so we shouldn’t experience any disruption or downtime.

I do notice a couple of things in the forum that are not loading correctly this morning - our profile images and embedded audio files - and I am aware of this and I will ensure they are fixed asap.

If you happen to see something not displaying or working properly in the forum, for example images, notation, links, video, audio, etc… please do let me know and forward me a link if possible so I can let our developers know.

Thanks for your help and understanding whilst we complete the update and maintenance work.




  • The audio embeds are now working correctly.

  • Profile photos/avatars are still not displaying correctly.

The developer is working on this. Thanks for your patience.