Forum Design Launch - Feedback Or Issues Please Let Me Know

Hi everyone,

If you’re reading this post, you will have noticed that we launched the new forum design earlier today.

We now have a prominent search box to quickly find information we are looking for. We also have a new secondary navigation to make the forum easier to browse and navigate.

We are still testing/fixing/tweaking things with the new design, it should be complete in the next 24 hours or so. As an example, the header navigation is not currently showing…

I am aware of this and we will get it fixed asap.

If anyone spots anything else that looks unusual, please send a screenshot to my email address, and if you can also specify the device, operating system, and browser you are using, that would be brilliant.

I can then forward this informamation to our tech team to diagnose and fix.

I’m confident the new design will work seamlessly, but with such a plethora of devices, operating-systems, browsers, & screen-sizes, it can be difficult to test on everything. Any issue just let me know.

Thanks! :sunglasses:

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