[Fixed] Search functionality seems broken

Hi I tried to use the search box at the top, but I only ever get the sign-up landing page as a result.


Thanks for letting me know Manuel.

We made some updates to the website software a couple of weeks ago which will be the cause. It’s my fault for not QA testing the site features after the update.

I have asked our tech team to look into it and we will get it resolved asap.

In the interim if there is anything in particular you are looking for (theory topics etc…) let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

Hi @manuel3

To update you on this… it has been fixed now.

Thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

There was also an issue with the correct number of pages being indexed in the search. I did some simple searches and it wasn’t bringing back the correct number of results.

However, if we now do a simple search for “triads” - https://www.pianogroove.com/?s=triads - it brings back 4 pages of results :star_struck: - give the search feature a whirl yourself and you should see big improvements.

The search software is still indexing everything as we speak… we’re almost there:

I’ve also asked our graphic designer to design a new search results page that is more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

He’ll be starting work on it next week.