Finding same standards in all lessons

Hello Hayden: sorry to ask a basic question but I really need to: is there a short-cut to find all the lessons, across the broad, in which a specific tune is used? I tried related lessons, scanned those I have worked on or are about to work on and still find a tune (e.g., Autumn Leaves I am working on) in many a lesson. It would be very helpful to me, others, too, I hope, to be able to get to everything I can to enrich the learning of a tune.

Thanks much, best, Ivan

Hi Ivan.

Yes there are 2 quick ways to find any jazz standard tutorial on the website:

1) The Jazz Standard Index page

You can find all jazz standards in alphabetical order on this page:

The left column containing the jazz standard name links directly to the lesson page, and you can also download the Chord Changes, the Transcription, and the Midi File.

This page is located in the right menu on the Pro Member Dashboard:

2) The Search Bar In The Header:

You can also search for jazz standards by name in the Search Bar in the header. See the magnifying glass icon here:

You can also search for theory topics here and it will bring back any page that mentions that theory topic:

When you hit enter, it will return a list of pages, that contain information on that jazz standard, or on that theory topic.

This is probably the quickest way to navigate the website.

If I can be of further assistance here just let me know.


Thank you, Hayden, for a very quick response. What prompted my question is that I ran across Autumn Leaves in Working with Singers lesson (after, of course, I found it through the List of Jazz Standards). The usual quick way to search did not get me to the Working with Singers lesson (which I found very, very helpful, as always, in expanding my knowledge of the Autumn Leaves standard). I found other standards, here and there, in several lessons dealing with specific problems, approaches, etc. and that’s why the question, to really thorough learn selected standards in any lesson (e.g, Blue in Green is in several lessons on specific aspects of playing).

But do not worry, this is fun: as I am progressing I will come to what is of interest so that’s fine.

Best, Ivan

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You highlight a nice idea there Ivan… I think it would be great to have all lessons on Autumn Leaves in one place.

This has been suggested before, I think around the website redesign stage last year.

A slight issue is that 1 lesson cannot currently exit in 2 courses. However, perhaps I can create ‘standalone’ pages for common jazz standards that are covered in multiple lessons.

I think that would be a nice way to display such related parts of the syllabus, and it wouldn’t interfere with the workings of the course system.

Leave that with me… any other thoughts let me know :slight_smile: