Feedback on the lessons on PianoGroove

It’s been a whole month already and I’ve decided to leave some feedback on the quality of instruction of the PianoGroove site. Maybe it will help some other non-members browsing this forum on whether or not this is a good place to start your piano learning. I know reading through the forum posts BEFORE signing up and watching some free video tutorials, helped me to make up my mind and become a member.

To cut the long story short:
PianoGroove is an EXCELLENT site if you’re serious about the piano. Hands down.

I was a member of different piano learning sites in the past for a few years (on and off). Some of the lessons elsewhere were just right, too easy or too difficult for me to understand. Up until recently I was mostly copying what I saw on my screen and memorizing it… mostly because I could not fully understand how I could apply in practice the theoretical knowledge I was learning. Some theory lessons on modes, tritones, and scales were very confusing, some even too overwhelming.

With PianoGroove courses I was able to fill the gaps in my knowledge (especially the very basic things which are often overlooked because they are so basic, like taking your LH drills through the circle of 5ths and applying them to major, minor and dominant chords). Doing this will help you to become proficient in this very aspect of piano playing no matter the context, no matter the key.

The instructions are very clear, precise, easy to understand and don’t beat around the bush. I personally dislike the style of teaching were some online instructors will spend half an hour or more on “motivational speech”, catchy jingles, and give you countdown timers for their promotions, rather than go straight to the point of what the lesson is about. If I wanna learn the piano and I sign up for the site, I’m already motivated! Give me just the instruction. PianoGroove does just that.

The most important thing is that with PianoGroove I get the solid foundations of harmony, voicings, reharm, scales and modes, etc and most of all, practical application of everything presented here to jazz standards.

Even though I only scratched the surface of the content available here, haven’t even seen all of the videos in detail yet, but what I’ve already seen gives me insights for practice for a few months to come. I do hope this site is going to grow and add even more content. All of the instructors here are very helpful and willing to give you a hand with whatever irritating “I can’t do it!!!” things you’re having issues with.

Having said that, do keep up the good work Hayden and the rest! THANK YOU. :grinning:


Hey Diana!

Thanks for such detailed feedback and it’s wonderful to hear of your progress.

Our teaching and editing team put a lot of work into the lessons and learning materials so it’s really great to hear your comments.

And thank you for your participation in the community area… it adds another dimension to everyone’s learning experience when we can share our questions/answers/favourite recordings/software we use, etc… Your participation is very much appreciated.

Finally, yes we have lots more in store in terms of new content. We’ll be branching out into more genres and teaching all styles of improvised music.

Enjoy working through the syllabus! :sunglasses:

yes !!! I tried so many other subscriptions and tutorials, and this one has made such a difference in my playing and at my own pace; quality is superb.

Thanks for that, Diana. You’ve pretty much summed up my experience with PianoGroove as well. I’ve had plenty of those “I can’t do it” moments myself. It’s always nice to be reminded upon reviewing earlier lessons that x lesson might take you weeks or months to master. All in all, this is an extremely rich, well-thought-out program. :musical_keyboard: