Classroom announcement - improvisation from scratch!

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to start a new classroom!

Functional Improvisation From Scratch

In this class we are going to approach improvisation from a practical and ‘down to earth’ point of view. We are going to study basic harmonic structures, and ways how to create good, musical melodies, as well as how to use our ears to absorb musical material and develop our taste.

(Functional harmony means harmony that is based on tension - release (II V I), for example jazz standards, bebop tunes, basically any non-modal music.)

@Hayden will be soon offering a way to register to the class, everyone’s welcome, even if you just want to audit the class. Lessons are built to support everyone’s level of devotion and interest :slight_smile:

Hope to see you all there!



Looking forward to this. The classrooms have been great so far!

Agreed the classroom approach is great and highly interactive - a great learning environment for students

This sounds great Tuomo.

For any students interested in this improvisation program, click the below link and then click the “Join” option in the top right hand side:

Here is the “Join” option you must click to register your interest:

Once we have enough people registered we can share the classroom session topics and themes, and also schedule the first session.

I have tested the above join link with a student profile and it works as desired.

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@Tuomo - you have 9 students enrolled in this classroom program. I didn’t announce anything yet so that’s just folks who have naturally clicked into the link above.

It seems this “add to group” option is a much better solution that the registration form we used last time. I have a few ideas to make it better too.

Also there is an option in our profiles to add our time zone…

I thought this could be useful for assigning groups and also scheduling the sessions.