App vs web based

Hi Hayden,

Since I’ve been traveling I have to use my phone’s mobile hotspot to connect and view lessons, mostly on iPad but occasionally on
laptop or directly on the phone. The videos seem to require a lot of bandwidth as they buffer sometimes even more than Net.

So I wonder if you’ve considered developing a Pianogroove app for IOS and Android somewhere in the future?

Hi Kim :wave:

Yes we would certainly like to have a mobile app for phone/tablet users which includes an offline viewing option.

It would be great to be able to select a whole course, and have an option to download it through the app which then allows students to view the lessons offline, or in the case of poor internet connectivity.

Synching that system with the current web app or website would be quite a big job, in terms of saving progress and other things, but it’s something we will be exploring in the future.

We don’t have a timeline on this currently, but I will update you on any developments.

Regarding the buffering:

There are some known issues on Safari browser which may be the cause of the excessive buffering. We are working on getting this fixed asap.

Safari is the defaulat browser for iPhone/iPad and so that could be causing, or exacerbating the streaming. Chrome browser is more reliable with our player and so downloading the Chrome mobile app may help.

Really great suggestion with the mobile app Kim and I look forward to making it happen as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

As forward thinking and progressive as you are Hayden, I’m not surprised that this was already on your list. :star_struck: In my opinion you’ve got the best teaching site out there and you’re so devoted to making it even better, thank you!

A question on full screen on the iPad…it seems the chaptering and speed controls disappear in full screen mode, is that right or am I missing it somewhere?

One suggestion if you think it makes any sense…Would there be a way to mark certain lessons for review later or is it best to just mark it unfinished if I want to hit it again.?

Thank you,

Thanks Kim!

We will be continuing to develop the platform to its full potential so lots more to come.

Please can you email me a screenshot of this and I will investigate further for you.

This is what I’m seeing on my iPad in full screen view:

Yes I will have an update on this very soon.

I will tag you into the post to notify you on any updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy the weekend!