'10 Second Skip Back' Feature For Video Player

HI All,

One of our students - @rupert - mailed me with a fantastic idea for our video player feature.

There will be a small button like this which allows you to skip back 10 seconds:

The A/B Loop has always been troublesome with touch screen devices (tablets, phone, hybrid tablet/laptops) and I’m now questioning, do we really need A/B Loop?

The main concern I receive from students is something along these lines:

I have trouble stopping and starting the video, and when you play a chord, it moves by so quickly, that I have to try to navigate back in the video which can be tricky and fiddly.

Now, I think that a simple ‘10 second rewind’ button will resolve this. It will work on all devices, and it is a quick and simple way to rewind the video without having to fiddle around with the A/B bar, or the progress bar.

You just tap the ‘10-second rewind’, and voila, you have re-winded the video to watch the section again.

If anyone can share your thoughts, or vote in this poll, it will be a huge help.

  • Keep A/B Loop
  • Keep A/B Loop and also add ‘10 Second Rewind’
  • Replace A/B Loop with 10 second rewind

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Ultimately, guys and girls, I’m looking to create a player that is simple, easy to use on all devices.

In my opinion, (but i also value yours too) - I think that the essentials are:

  • speed control
  • lesson chaptering

and now potentially replace the A/B loop with this 10 second rewind.

Look forward to hearing your throughts.


Ps. guys - you are the students, I have cast my vote above based on this criteria:

  • what I think would work best from a technical standpoint
  • what will work seamlessly on all devices,
  • and what will be the most reliable for our platform moving forward.

Please vote on what you think will benefit you - as the student.


I use iPad and had trouble w AB loop, but the chapters tabs helped greatly,
usually what I need to repeat is about 10 to 15 seconds, so just that button will be fantastic. I can’t speak for anyone who extensively sees the AB loop

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Yes I completely agree Lori.

What we need, is to replay a very short section of the video in the click of a button - something that the A/B loop cannot do efficiently, effectively, or most impotrantly accurately.

Lesson chaptering is a fantastic feature, and that will certainly stay.

It makes enormous sense to be able to navigate the video sections quickly and browse straight to the area of interest. Or repeat a whole chapter of interest without having to fiddle around with a sliding bar that is in most cases incompatible with the devices we use.

For the A/B loop, I personally feel it causes more complications than benefits.

Touchscreen devices are great for scrolling and tapping.

On the contrary, it’s difficult to be precise with dragging a progress bar, we either go too far, or not enough.

Simply put. It’s a pain in the ass :grin:

The Solution…

A 10/15/20 second loopback feature is our solution. It then removes the need to touch and hold, we just tap, and then the section repeats allowing students to replay the chord/lick/line they missed, and allows them to catch it, slow it down, and learn it, without having to mess around with complicated controls. Just a simple click and voila.

@rupert - thanks again for this brilliant suggestion.

This will be implemented as a priority.

Hi Hayden

Thanks for taking my suggestion on board so promptly! No surprise that I’ve voted for the 10 second rewind. I’ve also voted to replace the A/B loop … but that’s really because I don’t understand how it’s supposed to work. I’m sure I spotted a link to an explanation of this function yesterday … but for the life of me, I cannot find it today!


Hi Guys,

I work a lot with the I Pad Pro and I use shortcuts I and O to set the Loop A and B. It´
s great for playing along. I think the idea with the 10/15/20 second loopback feature is great but I don t want to lose the A/B function.


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Rupert, thank you for suggesting this.

PianoGroove is built on this kind of feedback from our students.

I get this question all of the time, and this is what bothers me the most about the A/B functionality.

I want an intuitive video player that is simple to use for all students, on all devices.

The 10-second rewind feature is a brilliant suggestion to help achieve this.

Awesome, thanks for highlighting this Yves.

I agree that the ‘I’ and ‘O’ shortcuts are very handy, and remove the need for manually dragging the A/B bar. I must make a tutorial on how to do this so that all students are aware of this feature.

I just received your email by the way @Yves - I appreciate you sending me the video demonstration. It’s brilliant to see how you are using the player to its full potential.

I will make an explainer video on the keyboard shortcuts. So much to do… I just wish there were more hours in the day :sweat_smile:

Anyhow, so now we have established:

  • A ‘10/15/20 second rewind button’ will be a useful feature - this will be implemented asap
  • Dragging the A/B bar manually is difficult/frustrating/ineffective on touch-screen devices
  • The A/B bar is effective using the keyboard shortcuts ‘I’ and ‘O’ - but this requires a keyboard.

You have a keyboard connected to your iPad which allows you to access the ‘I’ and ‘O’ controls quickly and easily. For students without the connected keyboard, this is a tricker process.

Leave me to think about this more.

I will ensure that the A/B loop is not removed so do not worry about that Yves.

The dilemma we face is trying to please everyone, on every device.

I just want the player to work seamlessly for everyone.

YouTube does it without any problems. As do many other big publishers.

We have more custom functionality such as the A/B loop & chaptering - but I’m confident that collaboratively, we can find the solution and I will invest the time and resources to make this happen.

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I agree with Lori, the a/b loop can be troublesome on ipad and droid. Sometimes it turns on unintentionally when I touch the timeline to jump to another spot…usually one that I want to repeat, so the 10 or 15 second rewind will be fantastic!!

Also agree that speed control and chapters are critical components.

Thanks always!

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Awesome, we are going have the ultimate player for piano lessons.

Thanks again for everyones input and suggestions.

I’m super excited about this.

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looking to make work the AB loop without success on Windows 10

i just discover the funtion “i” “O” button with the keyboard keys (letters "i " and “o” )works fine . Really we need to create some stickers showing how to do that in the head of Lessons or Features ! . I’m pretty sure a lot of student miss it too;

Cant see the 10-15 s skip button , is the project abandonned ?

another reflexion for the video player :

The chapter function is really great but it would be even better if it could be possible to access it in full view
Secondly in default video view when trying to hit the chapter the hight part of the windows is hidden and need a scrolll down to view the full video , not very handy. The option to avoid this is to reduce the screen view (Maj+ down arrow in windows ) and to wipe out the tab headers of the browser (F11).
If the full view could incorporate the chapters it would make things easier , but is it possible ?

Thanks, we are investigating.

Yes Dan is working on a video series which explains the player features. The “I” and “O” endpoints are included in the explainer - so glad to hear your comments on this. We will make sure it is clearer to all students.

Still going ahead. Leave it with me.

Great idea… I will ask our video player partner to see if it is possible.

I imagine it could be some kind of overlay, similar to the A/B loop.

I am unsure on the technical implications, but I will find out and report back to you on that. :+1::+1:

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Great news everyone :partying_face:

The 10-Second Skip Back Feature is now on the website:

If you notice any issues with the video player, please log out of your PianoGroove account, delete your cache/history, and then log back in.

When we do a software update like this, our computers can often ‘store’ an older version of the website code which can make the video player act strange.

There is an explainer video ready very shortly which explains all of the features of our video player. I’m very excited to launch it.


@Pierrot - here’s some feedback on your brilliant idea:

Technically it would be possible but adding an additional interface into the video player adds a LOT of complexity to the player.

With that complexity comes a lot of additional testing, maintenance, and things that can go wrong.

It takes a lot of work to monitor, update, maintain, and support the current features (speed control, A/B Loop, Skip Back, and now 10-second rewind ) - and every time that a web browser or operating system releases an update, we have to make sure it has not caused issues. (often we find out very quickly from one of our students if there is an isssue!)

I completely see the value in the idea Pierre, and I agree it would be fantastic, but the implications on testing, support, and potential vulnerabilities of the video player makes it not a wise move for us.

Perhaps this will change in the future as technology develops. I will keep you posted.

Thanks again for the great idea. It’s exactly this kind of stuff that I want to encourage in the forum and where possible I will implement all suggestions. :sunglasses:

This works great! Thank you!

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@Pierrot - Our technical team has said this is possible.

I will post updates shortly.